Your Virtual Vacation Playlist Builder

Blue sky behind the end of a hammock with someone's foot resting. Words read "Virtual Vacation: A Musical Playlist Getaway"

Are you wishing for a vacation right now? Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, many people enjoy getting away from home and the routine to explore something different. Travel is not always possible, however.

If you are not able to go away for a vacation this year, we invite you to try out building your own virtual vacation playlist. You can also gather images of places you’d like to visit or see or take virtual tours of famous locations. Add a special meal, movie, or activity at home, and you’ve created your own virtual vacation.

We’ve got some sample playlists for three popular vacation options: a beach day, a road trip, and a city adventure. We chose songs that mention fun locations and modes of transportation, as well as some songs that just sound like summer to our ears.

Check out this video for ideas of what to do along with the music, then try it out by yourself, with a few friends, or in a group.

Check out the Beach Day Getaway Playlist on Spotify or on Youtube

Check out the Rockin’ Road Trip Playlist on Spotify or on Youtube

Check out the Super City Adventure on Spotify or on Youtube

Not sure how to make a playlist? Check out this video!


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