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Too often, when we’re thinking about music in caregiving – or even “being musical” in general – we’re thinking about big events (going to a show or giving a performance) or long-term commitments (learning a new instrument or joining a band).

But musical moments – short, sweet, shared experiences in music that may only be with one or two people at home – can be just as meaningful as those big things. And they can be the moments that add meaning to your days in the present and sweeten your memories of this time of life long into the future.

Rachelle talks about musical moments more in the video below:

YouTube video

How do you find those musical moments in the rhythms of your day?

If you need some ideas and tips to get you started, here are some resources:


Listen, Sing, Dance, Play: Bring Musical Moments into the Rhythms of Caregiving by Rachelle Morgan

This book gives you tons of ideas for cultivating musical moments in your day-to-day life. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet (or if you need another), you can get it on Amazon,, or find out more here.

Song Spotlights:

We have a collection of song spotlights on our blog. Each one of these posts features one song, telling you a little about the song’s history, and then suggesting some ways to engage with that song. For example, with “All I Have To Do Is Dream,” you might listen to the song and then discuss topics for daydreaming, or look at photos of the Everly Brothers.

With the Lunar New Year coming up soon, you might particularly enjoy this spotlight on “The Spring Breeze Kisses My Face,” a 1950s song often heard during the Chinese New Year.

Discover our full collection of song spotlights here.

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