Song Spotlight: “I Get Around”

Black and white photo of five clean cut young white men in 1960s style - The Beach Boys. Song spotlight genre label reads "early surf rock."
  • Mood: Positive, Restless
  • Themes: Travel, Family Bands, The California Sound
  • Tempo: Allegro, Upbeat
  • Genre/Style: Early Surf Rock

In the midst of the winter months, sometimes it is nice to change up the scenery and break out of the regular day to day routine, even if it is only through music and pictures. Why not take a brief trip to California with some early surf rock and discover how this expanded family band Beach Boys came together in California?

The Beach Boys consisted of brothers, a cousin, and a friend. Brian, Dennis, and Carl were the Wilson brothers and they were joined by their cousin Mike Love. The fifth member of the band was their friend Al Jardine.

Brian started the music making with his reel-to-reel tape recorder. He also played piano and guitar with a neighborhood friend. Brian and Carl soon were inspired by a blues music show by Johnny Otis, the KFOX radio show. Not long after, Mike Love joined a group with Brian that eventually transitioned into a newly formed band, The Pendletones, with Al Jardine and Carl joining in. Dennis was the surfer of the group and suggested the group write songs that celebrated surfing and California. That led the name change to The Beach Boys and to the style of music the group was first known for.

The band’s line up has added members and changed over the years, but the band started as an extended family band with an addition of a friend. 

“I Get Around” is a song by The Beach Boys from 1964. Here are some of the lyrics:

I’m getting bugged driving up and down this same old strip

I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip

My buddies and me are getting real well-known

Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone


I get around

Get around, round, round, I get around

From town to town

Get around, round, round, I get around

I’m a real cool head

Get around, round, round, I get around

I’m making real good bread

Get around, round, round, I get around

I get around, round

Get around, round, round, oooh

Try This:

Theme: This song would fit well into a collection of songs about travel, family bands, or songs that encapsulate the California sound. Other complementary songs may include “I’ve Been Everywhere,” “Barracuda,” and “Ventura Highway.”

Have a discussion about the best places to travel to when you want to escape cold weather. 

Add rhythmic movement along with the song.

Sing along with the repeated phrase “Get around round, round I get around.”

Read the lyrics of the song and discuss what “making real good bread” and being a “real cool head” may mean.

Look at photos of The Beach Boys and of California.

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