I came for the community, and stayed for the incredible value of the plethora of resources Rachelle offers. It seems like no matter how many documents I click through and download, there’s always more to discover and more I can use!”

Alysha Suley, MM, MT-BC

The resources, continuing education, and most of all community make MT Insider my music therapy happy place. I couldn’t have imagined the amazing impact having a strong support network of other music therapists would be until I was pulled out of my rut and reminded of how much I love music therapy. Thank you to Rachelle and all the MT Insiders.”

Danielle Steffes, MT-BC

“I joined MT Insider on a temporary basis just to try it out, and I’ve been a member now for several years. Rachelle and her team put in so much diligent and responsible work, I haven’t even touched all of the resources they have put together. Rachelle is a tireless advocate for the music therapy profession and professionals. Thanks, MT Insider!”

Amy Standridge, MM, MT-BC

“Rachelle is a leader in the music therapy community.  She is not only an excellent resource for business owners, and MT’s working in eldercare, but for anyone wanting to strengthen communications, musical skills, and receive support in their professional career.  One of my favorite resources Rachelle offers is her monthly office hours.  This is 1:1 time to receive support and guidance from Rachelle.  The learning is limitless and she can help any therapist grow.  MT Insider is a great resource and one you should not miss out on!”

Jennifer Pinson, MT-BC - Dynamic Music Services

“For many families, no matter how others around are trying to get back to normal, their own normal is going to look quite different for a very long time, whether that’s the loss of in-person visits in nursing homes, outpatient therapies, or things like day services.

My family connected with telehealth services through Soundscaping Source. They have experience with conditions like Parkinson’s, and typically have done in-person sessions in homes or nursing homes, but the change to telehealth has been SO helpful for our family, and has been another touchpoint for interaction with my parents in this new reality.

For others who may be missing their routines, their services, and juggle health challenges, I really recommend this type of option.

Carey, daughter of teletherapy client

“Rachelle’s Rock That Hospice Contract program provides much-needed information for a music therapy business owner! I found that the information stretched to other areas in my business, separate from hospice work, and gave me a clear direction on where to start. The “Done for You” materials saved me so much time…something that business owners are always needing more of. With scripts on how to answer common questions to developing strong business and marketing skills, Rachelle has done all of the work and organized the information in a way that makes sense and “sticks with you”. Thank you, Rachelle, for sharing your expertise!”

Richelle Kroenig - MT-BC, WMTR
Music Therapy Services of Central Wisconsin, LLC

This program was very informative in an interactive way. It is a course that allows you to study at your own pace and yet have support when needed. Thank you for the support in learning how to Rock That Contract.”

Alicia Carol -MA, MT-BC
AC Music Arts

“Rock That Hospice Contract provides the learner with the information needed to land that contract, from the very first step to the signature. Rachelle is an experienced music therapist with invaluable information that she graciously shares with her colleagues so they can be successful. I am now more motivated to expand my practice, hospice and non-hospice. Thank you, Rachelle!” ~ Nancy Krutenat, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC – LifeSongs

Nancy Krutenat, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC

“With Rock That Hospice Contract, I was able to negotiate a hospice contract with conditions I prefer. Having a live discussion with others during this program helped to keep me accountable, and I appreciated being able to ask specific questions. Now I feel like I have the resources to become an integrated part of my hospice team.”

Meghan Callaghan, MT-BC
Mountain Health Music

“After completing the Rock that Hospice Contract program, I have an entirely new level of confidence when meeting with, calling and emailing potential leads. I also have the resources I need – contracts, assessments, charting, and marketing – ready to go, which has saved me so much time and research. This course has given me a leap in my business and professional skills!”

Katie Corbett, MA, MT-BC
Singing Heart

“My dream is to grow MT in my area and help spread the awareness of MT as a healthcare option and a credible profession. I’m hoping to grow my business until I can provide an internship site for future MTs. MT Insider has helped me connect with other amazing MTs and learn from their experiences! I’ve gained confidence in being an independent MT business woman and love the support I receive from Rachelle and other Insiders.”

Leslie Jones, MT-BC
Musical Bridges Music Therapy

“My dream is to work with the elderly using music therapy. MT Insider has helped me learn so much about music therapy with elderly clients.”

Ashley Lundquist, MT-BC
Healing Melodies Music Therapy

“MT Insider has helped me establish my role as a true Music Therapist in my facility…taking the music therapy position in my facility from more of an ‘activities position’ to a respected facility-wide position in which I provide services to residents who need and can benefit from music therapy. The best thing in my music therapy practice now is that every resident receiving music therapy has goals and interventions on their care plan! MT Insider also provides me with music therapy supervision when I need guidance or assurance in my skills. Thanks, Rachelle!”

Kirsten Wells, MT-BC

“Thanks for your help! It is encouraging to feel like I’m on the right track with business/professional standards. Because I am the only MT that I work with, and I have been developing the first MT program at the organization I work for, and it is my first job as a professional, it often can feel like I’m just making things up. I know that I have a quality education and that I have the resources to learn anything I don’t already know, but often time does not allow for copious amounts of reading/learning when things need to get done ASAP!”

Libby Norris, MT-BC
Senior Sing-Along

“The wealth of information and expertise Rachelle and Mary provided in Rock That Practice helped me take my new private practice to the next level. Taking this course gave me a boost of confidence to develop and run a private practice to fit my goals and lifestyle.”

Amy Standridge
Oak Song Music Therapy and Consulting

“I am more confident moving ahead as I build a private practice. My biggest win is a positive outlook that I am headed in the right direction as all of the business pieces come together. Rock That Practice is a great resource that provided me with the tools and support to succeed.”

Sandy Reeder, Music
Life Rhythms

“My business is in the rebuilding stage. After 24 yrs of contracted work with a Community Action Head Start Program, I am starting over. My business model is changing from a home-based office/traveling to sites to a brick and mortar site that will consist of both onsite services and traveling. This course is helping me think through each stage of what I need to do to increase the possibility of success. Both Rachelle and Mary present their experiences and knowledge in a way that makes learning easy!”

Kathy Odenkirk
Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio, LLC

“This program offered immense practical information and resources which will enable me to grow my music therapy business. Instruction was succinct, well organized, delivered personably yet professionally in videos and printed materials. The course workbooks and prepared materials, so generously provided, have given me what I need to pave the way forward with confidence to develop my music therapy private practice. The group calls and bonus private call were incredibly supportive and provided the human face time. Thank you so much for creating this course.”

Jan Pearce
Tonic Music Therapy

“I have gained confidence in my developing practice and my ability to get out of my comfort zone.”

Madison Lemaire
In Tune Music Therapy LLC

“Rachelle and Mary provided a wealth of information for all levels of business practice growth. The materials provided allowed for much personal and professional insight and awareness. The program was supportive and they both provided real-life examples of successes and struggles. Rock that Practice helped me become more confident and focused on my business goals!”

Brittany Scheer
Living Music LLC

“I have gained more confidence in myself as a professional and as a business owner. The first year had a big learning curve but now that I know what to expect and more about how I want my practice to look I feel confident moving forward and pursuing contracts that will fit within that scope.”

Christy Pansegrau, MT-BC
Sound Harmony Music Therapy

“This program helped me grow personally and professionally and gave me the tools and resources that I needed to feel more confident in my new role as an independent contractor and business owner.”

Kim Rodgers-Melnick, MT-BC
Create Music LLC

“Building a business is difficult. Advocating for music therapy can also be difficult. As a private practitioner in music therapy, one can become rather overwhelmed with the responsibility of both of these aspects. RTC gave me the tools that I needed to make a plan and move forward in building a successful music therapy business. Instead of all these ideas and expectations whirling around in my head, I now have a clear picture of what I want for my business and how to achieve that through practical application. Rachelle really has thought of everything and examined all of the aspects of securing music therapy contracts. She lays it all out there for you to see, explains every aspect very clearly, and gives you the tools to put the process in motion. I will come back to these materials and processes repeatedly as I continue to build my music therapy business.”

Angie Biehl, MT-BC
Missoula Music Therapy

“This program helped me to achieve the focus that I needed to take the next steps toward gaining new contacts and clients. It also helped me define my business and services in a clear and concise way that I can be confident about when reaching out to potential partners and clients.”

Katherine Halliwell, MT-BC
Full Circle Music Services

“This program has really helped give me the confidence to start my business. We don’t get a lot of ideas during college of how to do everything. Rock that Contract really gives you a week by week list of steps and considerations for your business. Rock That Contract has really helped me get going with my business. As someone who had nothing when starting this program. Now I can say I am ready to sign that first contract.”

Laura Wilson, MT-BC
Echo Music Therapy

“Starting a business as a young professional is terrifying and isolating. Joining Rock that Contract was a pledge to myself that I was serious and committed to making my business a reality. With the help of Rachelle and my fellow “rockstars,” I have more direction, confidence, and grace for myself as I grow my business.”

Meg Harmon, MT-BC
Collective Harmony

“This program helped me to build my confidence as professional, and the materials are very helpful springboards that helped me develop my own marketing materials.”

Rae Inmon, MT-BC

“This is a very thorough course and covers a lot of bases. Especially helpful to me are the downloadable materials that I can refer to again and again as I work to build my business. I feel more confident in reaching out to facilities or organizations that may benefit from my services.”

Jennifer Buehler, MT-BC
Lincolnharper Music Therapy LLC

“Rachelle is extremely thorough about teaching all the steps necessary to start a music therapy private practice. The assignments she gives make sense chronologically, and it’s very helpful that the materials are online for future reference. I learned a ton!”

Heather Ellsworth, MT-BC

“Before taking this course I felt overwhelmed with even taking the first steps in gaining new contracts. After taking Rock that Contract, I have more confidence in my business skills and marketing skills to reach out to those potential target clients for new contracts. Rachelle’s expertise, materials, and resources in this course are invaluable. I would highly recommend this course.”

Kirstin Roybal, MT-BC
Note Worthy LLC

“Rachelle’s course was extremely well organized and appropriate for both new MT’s and seasoned professionals. I have had my own business for more than 10 years, so knew some of the things Rachelle covered, but there was also a lot of rich material I had never thought about. Her presentation style and examples to go with each point really aid in the understanding of how each contact with a potential customer could go.”

Leslie Meadows, MA, MT-BC
Con Brio Music Services LLC

“I’m feeling encouraged! I knew this would be beneficial going in, but I got a lot more out of this course than I anticipated. There’s a huge amount of material covered that I know I’ll be referring to for years to come.”

Jennifer Monsen, MT-BC
Aim High Music Therapy

“The “Rock That Contract” program is very thorough and gives you the tools and knowledge to proceed with confidence.”

Noel Anderson, MMT, MT-BC
Anderson Music Therapy Services

“Rachelle is a no-nonsense businesswoman who has a lot to offer from her years of experience. She is wise and savvy, and even more impressive when you find out she’s juggling motherhood and business.”

Alysha Suley, MT-BC
Bloomsburg Music Therapy

“I have a much deeper understanding of what will help me be a successful business owner. Rock That Contract was a comprehensive course that marries being a business owner and a music therapist beautifully.”

Alison Albino, MT-BC
Tandem Voices Music Therapy Services

From Prairie View Food for Shepherd’s series:
What did you find most helpful in this presentation?”

“It was fun and relaxing to play.”

“Participation to reinforce concepts”

“Practice in breaking down the ‘self-consciousness’ barriers”

“Understanding in a conscious way things I know is a subconscious way”

By The Participants

From Victory in the Valley’s Women’s Weekend:
“I loved your ‘Music is Medicine’ presentation at Camp Victory! It was so much fun to participate together with you and all the other women…Music really is medicine and brings such joy.”

“It was fun to watch how some ladies who could hardly move really got to moving with the music.”

“I always believe music is the best medicine for the soul!”

“Thank you, Rachelle, for your gift of music and your gentle spirit in sharing it!”

By The Participants

From Victory in the Valley’s Kids Kamp:
“Thank you for sharing how to relax with music and the family drumming time with different instruments. My kids really enjoyed playing the different instruments.”

“What a fun and interesting way to use music.”

By The Parents

From Victory in the Valley’s Kids Kamp:
“As parents who find themselves in an all-consuming caregiver role, it is rewarding to learn about an activity that promotes an overall sense of well-being. The Family Drumming session was an inspirational connection, bringing the group together as well as encouraging individual participation.”

Diana Thomi, RN, BS – Executive Director
Victory in the Valley, Inc.

“Rachelle is awesome. There’s no one like her.”

Beth Penner, Activity Director
Kidron Bethel Village

“Rachelle is bright and intelligent and has a fun sense of humor…I found Rachelle to be extremely professional while presenting a very soft, soothing, and compassionate program. She was able to offer programming that merged elders of varied stages of dementia with non-dementia residents and have each and every one of them engaged in the moment.”

Leigh Peck, Health Care Administrator
Kidron Bethel Village

“[Rachelle’s] ability as a Music Therapist is unsurpassed. I have personally witnessed nothing short of miracles with some of the Residents that no one else could reach.”

T. Marie Hock-Rasdon, BA, MHCA, LTCA – Administrator
Medicalodges Goddard

“You call clients by their names. You encourage their participation and involvement. You play music appropriate for their ages. You offer a different theme each week. We like the use of scarves and musical instruments for our clients.”

Cynthia Holm, RN, Coordinator of Breaktime Clubs
Shepherd’s Center of the Northland

“My more passive residents really seem to enjoy and put forth the efforts to participate. I think you are very, very patient and very, very understanding of my very special residents.”

Doreen Crutchfield, Administrator
Myers Nursing Home

“I appreciate your dependability. You are always so prompt, reliable and prepared. I love that you bring all kinds of music to us. I enjoy the “theme-ing” of your program. Anytime you add a facet that allows the residents to put on their thinking caps, I see several of their faces light up.”

Peggy Lewis, Activity Director
Mary B’s Neighborhood, Bickford of Overland Park

“You are very flexible. You get everyone to participate. You go to where they are.”

Jeannine Hays, Clinical Director
ComfortCare Homes of Kansas City

“I’m sold on you. This is exactly what they need. It’s what the surveyors are looking for.”

Jean Gerth, Activities Consultant
Clara Manor

“Music reaches depths that other modalities cannot in the world of dementia. Music therapy not only allows our residents to express themselves, but also strengthens their abilities as they recall lyrics to a song or match rhythms. Rachelle does a wonderful job of making her groups inclusive – it’s our best-attended group – and the proof is in the smiles around the room!”

Sara Meinking, Memory Care Director
The Gardens at Barry Road

“The therapists at Soundscaping Source do a great job planning and preparing their music therapy sessions to engage people with a wide range of needs. In our homes, we have people with early stages of dementia and those who are very advanced. The music therapists are able to reach them all. We have thoroughly enjoyed having them and always look forward to music therapy days!”

Mandy Shoemaker, Co-Founder
Prairie Elder Homes LLC

“Thank you again for coming yesterday. The residents had a wonderful time and you kept them so entertained and involved, I was amazed. Thank you for enriching the lives of my residents.”

Sharon Lukowski, Memory Care Coordinator
Benton House of Blue Springs

“Music therapy is a wonderful, absolutely wonderful, tool to engage, oxygenate, and raise the spirits of residents in all stages of health or illness.”

Cindy Jo Dean, Life Enrichment Manager
Brighton Gardens of Prairie Village

“I love seeing you engage residents with music and seeing the smiles on their faces.”

Jennifer Staal, CMA
Prairie Elder Care

“The residents are engaged and enjoy being able to sing and dance.”

Brandy Bricker, Homemaker
Heritage of Overland Park

“The residents look forward to seeing her every two weeks. They already have songs picked out for her. I love the whole program.”

Charlene, CMA Superviso
Memory Care Home

“The music therapist is great. She involves everyone in singing and playing instruments. I wish she could come more often!”

Donna Bliss, CMA
Atria Hearthstone

“The music and memories are wonderful for our residents. My favorite part is how she can engage residents with any ability.”

Heather Maxon, Program Director
Villa Ventura

“The residents benefit from enjoying each other’s company. I like that you provide instruments for everyone.”

Stephanie Miller, Memory Care Coordinator
Benton House of Lenexa

“I love seeing residents get involved in the music and with musical instruments. I see bigger smiles. Some participants that normally can’t participate are now participating.”

Natalie M. Hughes, CNA
Brookside Retirement Community

“Music therapy brightens everyone’s morning. All the residents are engaged and singing along.”

Amy Calatine, Community Life Assistant
Travanse Senior Living

“The music therapist is very sweet and gentle. Her kind spirit has a way of getting residents involved. This is a program that the residents look forward to weekly.”

Michelle Garrard, Memory Care Manager
Travanse Senior Living

“All of the participants rave about this program. They experience less alienation and more group acceptance. This is an activity that EVERYONE can and will choose to participate in.”

Kelley Creek - Senior Center Administrator
Platte Senior Services

“I love seeing the residents smile and sing along. It can make a resident’s bad day become good by just one song. Music therapy puts everyone in a happy mood.”

Michelle Page, CMA
Prairie Elder Care

“Music is good for your soul. It really helps to relax our residents. They enjoy the music and learning to play the instruments.”

Ruby Smith, CNA
Galway Homes

“The residents are able to participate by playing an instrument or singing a favorite song they remember. I love seeing the joy in their eyes and hearing the memories they can share with us.”

Theresa G., CMA
Galway Homes

“The residents really enjoy their experience. It jogs their memory and encourages them to think.”

Tiffany Johnson - Owner
Johnsonville Home

“My favorite part is seeing patients singing with instruments. They benefit from the movement and fun activity. Great music and lots of smiles – you brightened my day, too!”

Katy, Hospice RN

“Music therapy is able to touch a place of remembering, comfort and joy that few other modalities access. It is invaluable support for enhancing quality of life for patients.”

Kimberly Frankenfield, LMT - Massage therapist
Ascend Hospice

“I have known patients who have lost most of their ability to communicate. By using music therapy they are offered an opportunity for connection and to express their emotions. During end of life this can be an invaluable tool for closure and reducing anxiety.”

Amy Goodman-Long, LBSW - Social worker
Ascend Hospice

“As a hospice nurse I often care for those in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease – patients who have lost their ability to ambulate, communicate, and share emotions. I have found with the added art of the music therapist these patients have expressed emotion, shown improved memory recall, even engaged with rhythmic movement during her sessions. The music therapist continues to holistically enhance and improve these patients’ quality of life by touching both the mind and the body with the beauty of her music.”

Michelle Drake, RN, BSN – Nurse/Case Manager
Ascend Hospice

“Music therapy has been such an enriching experience for my patients. They haven’t been able to say enough about you and your care. Music touches a place in one’s soul and is so uplifting. What a beautiful gift you shared from the heart.”

Jackie Mickelson, LBSW - Social worker
Ascend Hospice

“This was great for the older crowd – remembering old memories and combining songs with personal stories. My grandma was relaxed and in really good spirits.”

Adrienne, Granddaughter of a memory care resident

“The best part was when [the music therapist and the client] sang together. He lit up – it was amazing! She knew songs that he knew. Really, I was just speechless with how well it went. I loved to see the change in him. It made his day and then some.”

Elisabeth, Caregiver

“Your music puts a smile on our resident’s face. You bring her happiness and peace. Thank you for bringing joy to our resident. Come everyday :-)”

Nancy, Cargiver
Senior Care Homes

When I get stuck or need advice for my senior programs, I turn to Rachelle Morgan. When I need guidance or advice in eldercare, Rachelle is who I call. Her care, concern and extensive experiences shine through.

JoAnn Jordan, MT-BC
Music Sparks

“Rachelle’s work is incredibly valuable and needed in the world. I admire Rachelle’s dedication to serving older adults with the utmost dignity and respect. Her depth, insight, knowledge, and most of all PASSION continue to blow me away with everything that she produces.

Additionally, it is no surprise to me that she comes in high demand as a mentor to music therapists, caregivers, and administrators. She is world class, and I would recommend her work to anyone!”

Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC – President