Song Spotlight: Reminiscing

Scattered pile of travel photographs. Label reads "soft rock."

Mood: Reflective, Happy Themes: Reminiscing, Through the Years Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Soft Rock  Engaging in positive reminiscence can give opportunities to share stories and create space to share legacies. Humorous memories and meaningful stories can also bring a smile to everyone’s face involved. Our song spotlight encapsulates the feelings that come from looking back at…

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Song Spotlight: “She Loves You”

The four Beatles with Ed Sullivan, in a black and white photo standing in front of a curtain

Mood: Optimistic Themes: Love, British Invasion Tempo: Medium Genre/Style: 1960s’ rock On February 9th, 1964, the Beatles made their in person US debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, effectively kicking off the great cultural phenomenon known as the British Invasion. They included the tune “She Loves You” in their debut line up. The Beatles had…

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Playlist and Tips for Times of Transition

Do you feel like things are changing over and over again? Whether it’s the changing seasons, changes in jobs or families, or changes in the pandemic, it can be hard to keep up. And with all these changes, it can be challenging to manage our emotions, anxiety, and stress. There are several things you can…

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Song Spotlight: “She’s All I’ve Got”

The country genre has gone through many changes since it was established as a genre in the 1920s. In this song spotlight, we will explore the origin of the 1970s tune, “She’s All I’ve Got.” Try out some of the ideas on ways to use and share this danceable tune with others. “She’s All I’ve…

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Your Virtual Vacation Playlist Builder

Blue sky behind the end of a hammock with someone's foot resting. Words read "Virtual Vacation: A Musical Playlist Getaway"

Are you wishing for a vacation right now? Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, many people enjoy getting away from home and the routine to explore something different. Travel is not always possible, however. If you are not able to go away for a vacation this year, we invite you to try out…

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Song Spotlight: “Sugar, Sugar”

Colorful array of sweet candy, including gummy bears and licorice

Mood: Cheerful Themes: Love songs, Sugar and Sweets, and The Archies Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Bubblegum Pop The Archies were a fictional cartoon band formed from the characters featured in the animated show “The Archie Show” and in the comic strip Archie Comics. “Sugar, Sugar,” is a bubblegum pop song written for the animated band, and…

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Song Spotlight: “Sindhi-Bhairavi”

Photo of a traditional Indian instrument, the sitar. Label reads "Indian classical music."

Mood: Calm building to excitement Themes: Indian Classical Music, World Famous Musicians Tempo: medium to fast Genre/Style: Indian classical music Although you may not always hear them, many diverse styles of music have lasted for generations and are a part of rich cultural traditions. Classical music and traditional music from all over the world play…

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How to Make A Playlist on Spotify or YouTube: Instructions

As music therapists, we at Soundscaping Source are often recommending that people make their own playlists. You can make a playlist to help you with big feelings like grief, or to accompany you with tasks like gardening or spring cleaning. So… how do you do that? Spotify and YouTube are our two preferred platforms. In the…

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Virtual Music Opportunities: Summer 2021

Person playing electric guitar, visible from the shoulders to waist. Label says "Virtual Music Resources"

It’s been over a year since many concerts closed their doors. Musicians and performers were left without work and the general public and music lovers without live art and music. For many, attending concerts and performances with friends was not only an activity, but the opportunity to engage with art in a different way, to…

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Easy Songwriting: “Rattlin’ Bog”

Green, weedy bog

Songwriting can be a great way to foster joy and self expression. Here’s an easy songwriting experience using a traditional Irish song. (Click here for a video explanation.) “The Rattlin’ Bog” is a traditional Irish folk tune that has over 120 different recorded versions. Since it has been passed down through time by oral tradition,…

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