Musical Trivia Game To Try At Home

Various musical notes in different neon colors scattered across a white background. Label reads "various genres"

With cold weather and short days, a fun inside musical game is just the thing to bring some joy to the day. Why not try out a bit of timeline trivia with your care partners?

What you need: 

  1. Access to a greatest hits album (either a hard copy on CD or LP, or digitally on YouTube or Spotify or your favorite streaming service)
  2. A list of when the songs were released. (Hint: You might find this on Google.)
  3. Pencil/paper
  4. A love of music

What To Do:

Together, decide what artist to focus on and find a greatest hits or compilation album from that artist.

Listen to as many songs on the album as you’d like, and for each song, try to answer the following question:

Is this song from the artist’s: 

  • Early Career
  • Mid Career
  • Late Career (or present)

Keep track of the song title and your answers on a piece of paper. For more of a challenge, try to put the songs in the order that they were released.

You can look up the release dates for each song as you go or at the end. For each correct answer or place on the timeline, give yourself or your partner a point. The person with the most points wins!

Try out our example below:

John Denver:

  1. Eagles and Horses
  2. Homegrown Tomatoes
  3. Leaving on A Jet Plane

(Answer at the end of the post)

More ideas:

To add variety to the game, you can:

  • Find pictures of the chosen artists from different times in their career.
  • Watch music videos or film clips of your chosen artist.
  • Look for cover versions of the artist’s songs, and decide whether you like the original or the cover version better.

Okay, here come the answers…

  1. C
  2. B
  3. A

How did you do?

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