Musical Time-Saving Tip for Caregivers of People with Dementia

You’ve experienced this before.

You care for someone with dementia, and you need them to get up and move somewhere. They need to get out of bed to go eat breakfast, or they need to go out to the car to get to a doctor’s appointment.

But the dementia is taking away that person’s ability to process and complete complex tasks. This decline in executive functioning skills is a hallmark of dementia, and it can make it take a really long time to complete something that seems simple, like getting out of a chair and walking from one place to another.

It may not be your care recipient’s fault, but it can be incredibly frustrating for you anyway, trying to encourage them to come with you.

In this video, learn a musical tip to save yourself some time and agony in helping your folks with dementia get from point A to point B.

YouTube video

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