Video: Songs for Labor Day

YouTube video

Can you believe it’s almost time for Labor Day?

Labor Day is the first Monday of September. This holiday was originally created in 1882 to celebrate organized labor. It’s difficult to believe now, but efforts by organized labor have brought us the 40-hour work week, minimum age requirements for employment, overtime pay, safety regulations, and a whole host of other guidelines and regulations to protect working people.

Now, the holiday also serves as a marker for the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. Many people will get to enjoy a three-day weekend before diving in to the focused school and work activities of the fall.

You can celebrate this holiday with older adults by celebrating the different types of work they may have done over their lifetime. This is a great time to share stories and honor their experiences as workers. 

Check out this YouTube playlist of songs about work. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day and start a conversation with elders about the different types of work they may have done. 

Happy Labor Day!


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