Front porch vs. Stage [Video]

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a performer and a music therapist is? Why should you pick one over the other? Does it really matter? 

Check out the video below with Rachelle as she explains what a music therapist does in a senior living community and why you may want one.

Music therapist or entertainer? Here’s the easiest way to look at it.

Think of a performer on a stage. Audience members attend a performance to sit, watch, and take care not to disturb the performance. Although this can be enjoyable, this is a passive activity. 

Think of a music therapist as someone you may play music with on your front porch. Several decades ago, it may have been popular for many folks to sit on their front porches with guitars, banjos, harmonicas, spoons, or other instruments to talk, tell stories, make music, and create a shared experience for family and friends that were present.

In a relaxed environment, participants may feel comfortable expressing themselves through music, sharing, and enjoying a “jam session” where no training or musical expertise is needed. This is an active activity, an engaging and shared experience with friends and neighbors, perfect for a senior living community.

So there you have it: front porch vs. the stage!

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