Top 10 Benefits of Music Therapy: Feel Better

Why music therapy? 

While the answer varies depending on the person and what they need from music therapy, there are several benefits that music therapy provides over and over for older adult clients, whether they are dealing with cognitive decline and/or physical limitations from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, depression, or anxiety. We’re reviewing these in a video series on the top 10 benefits of music therapy for older adults.

Here’s another one of the top 10 benefits of music therapy:

It may sound trite or like an oversimplification, but engaging in music therapy helps people feel better.

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, or in a bit of an irritable funk, music can help to boost your mood. You leave the experience feeling better.

Apathy, or a general lack of interest in the world around you, is something else that music therapy can pull you out of. By engaging in music with others and connecting with the world around you, you feel better.

What’s more, music therapists can work with people who are experiencing serious mood problems – deep depression, severe apathy, significant agitation.

Learn more in this video:

YouTube video

Bonus Tip:

One tool that music therapists often help clients develop is a playlist of songs that make them feel good every time they hear them. I call this my “Feel Good playlist.”

Not sure how to make a playlist? Check out our post on how to make a playlist.

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