Top 10 Benefits of Music Therapy: Be Creative

Why music therapy? 

While the answer varies depending on the person and what they need from music therapy, there are several benefits that music therapy provides over and over for older adult clients, whether they are dealing with cognitive decline and/or physical limitations from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, depression, or anxiety. We’re reviewing these in a video series on the top 1o benefits of music therapy for older adults.

Here’s another one of the top 10 benefits of music therapy for older adults, especially for people experiencing depression or anxiety.

Music therapy creates opportunities to PLAY and be creative. How often do we get that in day-to-day life? In music therapy, songwriting and improvisation in particular offer a lot of opportunities for creativity.

Learn more in this video:

YouTube video

Want to stretch your creative muscles and try out some songwriting for yourself? Here’s an easy songwriting activity, demonstrated by music therapy Anastasia Wheeler.

Note: Whether in a group session or with an individual client, the music therapist adapts the music experiences to meet the needs of the clients in that session. Songwriting and improvisation are creative experiences that can look very different from session to session.

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