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Soundscaping Source Music Therapy

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Michelle Garrard

“The music therapist is very sweet and gentle. Her kind spirit has a way of getting residents involved. This is a program that the residents look forward to weekly.”

Michelle Garrard, Memory Care Manager
Travanse Senior Living

Sharon Lukowski

“Thank you again for coming yesterday. The residents had a wonderful time and you kept them so entertained and involved, I was amazed. Thank you for enriching the lives of my residents.”

Sharon Lukowski, Memory Care Coordinator
Benton House of Blue Springs

Mandy Shoemaker

“The therapists at Soundscaping Source do a great job planning and preparing their music therapy sessions to engage people with a wide range of needs. In our homes, we have people with early stages of dementia and those who are very advanced. The music therapists are able to reach them all. We have thoroughly enjoyed having them and always look forward to music therapy days!”

Mandy Shoemaker, Co-Founder
Prairie Elder Homes LLC

Jean Gerth

“I’m sold on you. This is exactly what they need. It’s what the surveyors are looking for.”

Jean Gerth, Activities Consultant
Clara Manor

Heather Maxon

“The music and memories are wonderful for our residents. My favorite part is how she can engage residents with any ability.”

Heather Maxon, Program Director
Villa Ventura

Ruby Smith

“Music is good for your soul. It really helps to relax our residents. They enjoy the music and learning to play the instruments.”

Ruby Smith, CNA
Galway Homes

Cindy Jo Dean

“Music therapy is a wonderful, absolutely wonderful, tool to engage, oxygenate, and raise the spirits of residents in all stages of health or illness.”

Cindy Jo Dean, Life Enrichment Manager
Brighton Gardens of Prairie Village

Natalie M. Hughes

“I love seeing residents get involved in the music and with musical instruments. I see bigger smiles. Some participants that normally can’t participate are now participating.”

Natalie M. Hughes, CNA
Brookside Retirement Community


“Your music puts a smile on our resident’s face. You bring her happiness and peace. Thank you for bringing joy to our resident. Come everyday :-)”

Nancy, Cargiver
Senior Care Homes

Doreen Crutchfield

“My more passive residents really seem to enjoy and put forth the efforts to participate. I think you are very, very patient and very, very understanding of my very special residents.”

Doreen Crutchfield, Administrator
Myers Nursing Home


“My favorite part is seeing patients singing with instruments. They benefit from the movement and fun activity. Great music and lots of smiles – you brightened my day, too!”

Katy, Hospice RN


“The best part was when [the music therapist and the client] sang together. He lit up – it was amazing! She knew songs that he knew. Really, I was just speechless with how well it went. I loved to see the change in him. It made his day and then some.”

Elisabeth, Caregiver

Amy Calatine

“Music therapy brightens everyone’s morning. All the residents are engaged and singing along.”

Amy Calatine, Community Life Assistant
Travanse Senior Living

Carey, Daughter

“For many families, no matter how others around are trying to get back to normal, their own normal is going to look quite different for a very long time, whether that’s the loss of in-person visits in nursing homes, outpatient therapies, or things like day services.

My family connected with telehealth services through Soundscaping Source. They have experience with conditions like Parkinson’s, and typically have done in-person sessions in homes or nursing homes, but the change to telehealth has been SO helpful for our family, and has been another touchpoint for interaction with my parents in this new reality.

For others who may be missing their routines, their services, and juggle health challenges, I really recommend this type of option.

Carey, daughter of teletherapy client

Donna Bliss

“The music therapist is great. She involves everyone in singing and playing instruments. I wish she could come more often!”

Donna Bliss, CMA
Atria Hearthstone

Peggy Lewis

“I appreciate your dependability. You are always so prompt, reliable and prepared. I love that you bring all kinds of music to us. I enjoy the “theme-ing” of your program. Anytime you add a facet that allows the residents to put on their thinking caps, I see several of their faces light up.”

Peggy Lewis, Activity Director
Mary B’s Neighborhood, Bickford of Overland Park

Kimberly Frankenfield

“Music therapy is able to touch a place of remembering, comfort and joy that few other modalities access. It is invaluable support for enhancing quality of life for patients.”

Kimberly Frankenfield, LMT - Massage therapist
Ascend Hospice


From Prairie View Food for Shepherd’s series:
What did you find most helpful in this presentation?”

“It was fun and relaxing to play.”

“Participation to reinforce concepts”

“Practice in breaking down the ‘self-consciousness’ barriers”

“Understanding in a conscious way things I know is a subconscious way”

By The Participants

Brandy Bricker

“The residents are engaged and enjoy being able to sing and dance.”

Brandy Bricker, Homemaker
Heritage of Overland Park

Diana Thomi

From Victory in the Valley’s Kids Kamp:
“As parents who find themselves in an all-consuming caregiver role, it is rewarding to learn about an activity that promotes an overall sense of well-being. The Family Drumming session was an inspirational connection, bringing the group together as well as encouraging individual participation.”

Diana Thomi, RN, BS – Executive Director
Victory in the Valley, Inc.

Theresa G.

“The residents are able to participate by playing an instrument or singing a favorite song they remember. I love seeing the joy in their eyes and hearing the memories they can share with us.”

Theresa G., CMA
Galway Homes

Jeannine Hays

“You are very flexible. You get everyone to participate. You go to where they are.”

Jeannine Hays, Clinical Director
ComfortCare Homes of Kansas City

Jennifer Staal

“I love seeing you engage residents with music and seeing the smiles on their faces.”

Jennifer Staal, CMA
Prairie Elder Care


“This was great for the older crowd – remembering old memories and combining songs with personal stories. My grandma was relaxed and in really good spirits.”

Adrienne, Granddaughter of a memory care resident

T. Marie Hock-Rasdon

“[Rachelle’s] ability as a Music Therapist is unsurpassed. I have personally witnessed nothing short of miracles with some of the Residents that no one else could reach.”

T. Marie Hock-Rasdon, BA, MHCA, LTCA – Administrator
Medicalodges Goddard

Jackie Mickelson

“Music therapy has been such an enriching experience for my patients. They haven’t been able to say enough about you and your care. Music touches a place in one’s soul and is so uplifting. What a beautiful gift you shared from the heart.”

Jackie Mickelson, LBSW - Social worker
Ascend Hospice

By The Participants

From Victory in the Valley’s Women’s Weekend:
“I loved your ‘Music is Medicine’ presentation at Camp Victory! It was so much fun to participate together with you and all the other women…Music really is medicine and brings such joy.”

“It was fun to watch how some ladies who could hardly move really got to moving with the music.”

“I always believe music is the best medicine for the soul!”

“Thank you, Rachelle, for your gift of music and your gentle spirit in sharing it!”

By The Participants

Leigh Peck

“Rachelle is bright and intelligent and has a fun sense of humor…I found Rachelle to be extremely professional while presenting a very soft, soothing, and compassionate program. She was able to offer programming that merged elders of varied stages of dementia with non-dementia residents and have each and every one of them engaged in the moment.”

Leigh Peck, Health Care Administrator
Kidron Bethel Village

Tiffany Johnson

“The residents really enjoy their experience. It jogs their memory and encourages them to think.”

Tiffany Johnson - Owner
Johnsonville Home


“The residents look forward to seeing her every two weeks. They already have songs picked out for her. I love the whole program.”

Charlene, CMA Superviso
Memory Care Home

Beth Penner

“Rachelle is awesome. There’s no one like her.”

Beth Penner, Activity Director
Kidron Bethel Village

Kelley Creek

“All of the participants rave about this program. They experience less alienation and more group acceptance. This is an activity that EVERYONE can and will choose to participate in.”

Kelley Creek - Senior Center Administrator
Platte Senior Services

Amy Goodman-Long

“I have known patients who have lost most of their ability to communicate. By using music therapy they are offered an opportunity for connection and to express their emotions. During end of life this can be an invaluable tool for closure and reducing anxiety.”

Amy Goodman-Long, LBSW - Social worker
Ascend Hospice

By Parents

From Victory in the Valley’s Kids Kamp:
“Thank you for sharing how to relax with music and the family drumming time with different instruments. My kids really enjoyed playing the different instruments.”

“What a fun and interesting way to use music.”

By The Parents

Cynthia Holm

“You call clients by their names. You encourage their participation and involvement. You play music appropriate for their ages. You offer a different theme each week. We like the use of scarves and musical instruments for our clients.”

Cynthia Holm, RN, Coordinator of Breaktime Clubs
Shepherd’s Center of the Northland

Michelle Drake

“As a hospice nurse I often care for those in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease – patients who have lost their ability to ambulate, communicate, and share emotions. I have found with the added art of the music therapist these patients have expressed emotion, shown improved memory recall, even engaged with rhythmic movement during her sessions. The music therapist continues to holistically enhance and improve these patients’ quality of life by touching both the mind and the body with the beauty of her music.”

Michelle Drake, RN, BSN – Nurse/Case Manager
Ascend Hospice

Michelle Page

“I love seeing the residents smile and sing along. It can make a resident’s bad day become good by just one song. Music therapy puts everyone in a happy mood.”

Michelle Page, CMA
Prairie Elder Care

Sara Meinking

“Music reaches depths that other modalities cannot in the world of dementia. Music therapy not only allows our residents to express themselves, but also strengthens their abilities as they recall lyrics to a song or match rhythms. Rachelle does a wonderful job of making her groups inclusive – it’s our best-attended group – and the proof is in the smiles around the room!”

Sara Meinking, Memory Care Director
The Gardens at Barry Road

Stephanie Miller

“The residents benefit from enjoying each other’s company. I like that you provide instruments for everyone.”

Stephanie Miller, Memory Care Coordinator
Benton House of Lenexa


Soundscaping Source Music Therapy

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