Our response to COVID-19: Music to help older adults and caregivers stay cool and connected

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Music To The Rescue!

With visitors restricted and residents stuck in their rooms, this is a scary and lonely time for many.

Through music, though, we can still have connection and beauty, thanks to our music therapists and a little internet magic.

Read on to learn about our remote music service options, developed especially for this time and purpose.

Why music? Why now?

The Problem:

  • Your facility is closed to visitors. No entertainers. No volunteers. No family members or friends.
  • Work in activities? You're spread way too thin, trying to foster a calm, loving community and provide a high-quality activities program, without the extra hands you usually have on deck.
  • The rest of the staff is burning out, too. Tensions are running super high, and everyone is anxious to see what happens next.
  • Your residents are getting restless, missing their visitors, tired of TV, and wondering what the heck is going on.

Enter music.

Music has always been the way to help ourselves and our communities through crisis.

Maybe you can’t have your musicians and music therapists there in person.

But we’re here to help you access the benefits of music, even with your community on a virtual lockdown.

Here's How We Help

Soundscaping Source Music Therapy for Caretakers and Older Adults

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Soundscaping Source Music Therapy for Caretakers and Older Adults

Technology requirements

You don't need much at all for an individual program. All it takes is:

  • Smartphone/tablet/laptop with internet access
  • For live programs: Zoom (free app) or (access via internet browser). We can also work with the technology and software you have.
  • Optional: Bluetooth speaker or headphones for better sound
Soundscaping Source Music Therapy for Caretakers and Older Adults

Amy Goodman-Long

“I have known patients who have lost most of their ability to communicate. By using music therapy they are offered an opportunity for connection and to express their emotions. During end of life this can be an invaluable tool for closure and reducing anxiety.”

Amy Goodman-Long, LBSW - Social worker
Ascend Hospice

Kimberly Frankenfield

“Music therapy is able to touch a place of remembering, comfort and joy that few other modalities access. It is invaluable support for enhancing quality of life for patients.”

Kimberly Frankenfield, LMT - Massage therapist
Ascend Hospice

Carey, Daughter

“For many families, no matter how others around are trying to get back to normal, their own normal is going to look quite different for a very long time, whether that’s the loss of in-person visits in nursing homes, outpatient therapies, or things like day services.

My family connected with telehealth services through Soundscaping Source. They have experience with conditions like Parkinson’s, and typically have done in-person sessions in homes or nursing homes, but the change to telehealth has been SO helpful for our family, and has been another touchpoint for interaction with my parents in this new reality.

For others who may be missing their routines, their services, and juggle health challenges, I really recommend this type of option.

Carey, daughter of teletherapy client


“This was great for the older crowd – remembering old memories and combining songs with personal stories. My grandma was relaxed and in really good spirits.”

Adrienne, Granddaughter of a memory care resident

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