Help residents and staff engage in music and create new songs together

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Even in isolation,

music brings us together.

We designed our recorded music programs especially to meet the challenges of physical distancing due to the coronavirus crisis.

These programs can be implemented by ANY staff member. All you need is an internet-connected device.

Discover how residents and staff can still enjoy music and memories - even creating new songs! - while keeping hands-off and physically distanced.

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Benefits for Staff:

• You'll love how EASY it is to plan and use these programs

• You get access to a versatile and comprehensive package of music-based activities, suitable for individuals

• You'll see increased staff satisfaction, as caregivers engage musically with residents and contribute to songwriting

• You'll experience of the tensions surrounding this public health crisis by engaging in music and creative collaboration

Benefits for Residents:

• Residents will have opportunities to share memories and stories (even during quarantine!)

• Less isolation, loneliness, and agitation

• Increased alertness, improved mood, and increased engagement with the world around them

• Residents will get to contribute to a creative project to share with their loved ones

What You Get And Why:

Here's what's included in one recorded music program:
  • YouTube playlist – curated playlist and videos from us with fun facts and musical prompts
  • Written guide – printable version of the written resource we use for recording
  • Photos – for visual stimulation and discussion
  • Supplemental activities - theme-based word search and crossword puzzle
  • Discussion/songwriting prompts - questions to generate discussion and lyric ideas
  • Unique community song - we'll use your answers to write a song just for your community
We designed these programs to be:
Soundscaping Source Music Therapy
  • Hands-off and touch-free - push play and walk away, without worries about spreading the virus
  • Easy to use - any staff member can get these started with any internet-connected device
  • Ultra-flexible - play the full program, or just a couple of videos at a time
  • Multi-faceted - use any or all of the supplemental materials, depending on resident need
  • Extremely adaptable - appropriate for residents who can do a crossword or who can't even push play on their own
  • Enjoyable for staff, too! - ask staff members to contribute to songwriting prompts and take their minds off the current stressful situation
  • Creative and collaborative - everyone contributes their ideas, and you get a new song to share as a community
  • Workable for group activities, too - appropriate for broadcast over community channels or in appropriately-distanced groups

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