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You’re here because you’re a music therapist or music therapy student/intern. Welcome!

We want to support YOU in your work, when you’re serving older adults or hospice patients, and when you start a private practice or work on growing your business.

Here's How We Help

As a credentialed music therapist, music student, or intern, you have a variety of needs and responsibilities. To help you with each, we've created customized services and resources just for you.

Explore below to learn how we can help you expand your services and business. We look forward to answering questions, assisting you with your business, and helping you grow.

Be the best music therapist you can be, with the support you deserve.

Being a music therapist can feel very lonely sometimes – even more so if you’re the only MT at your place of work, or you’re striking out on your own in private practice, or you’re growing a team in your music therapy business.

We love our fellow music therapists here at Soundscaping Source. And we know that supporting you means that exponentially more people will be able to benefit from music therapy than we can ever dream to serve in our own little corner of the world.

Helping older adults, caregivers, and eldercare professionals find joy and connection in music. |

Leslie Jones

“My dream is to grow MT in my area and help spread the awareness of MT as a healthcare option and a credible profession. I’m hoping to grow my business until I can provide an internship site for future MTs. MT Insider has helped me connect with other amazing MTs and learn from their experiences! I’ve gained confidence in being an independent MT business woman and love the support I receive from Rachelle and other Insiders.”

Leslie Jones, MT-BC
Musical Bridges Music Therapy

Danielle Steffes

The resources, continuing education, and most of all community make MT Insider my music therapy happy place. I couldn’t have imagined the amazing impact having a strong support network of other music therapists would be until I was pulled out of my rut and reminded of how much I love music therapy. Thank you to Rachelle and all the MT Insiders.”

Danielle Steffes, MT-BC

Amy Standridge

“I joined MT Insider on a temporary basis just to try it out, and I’ve been a member now for several years. Rachelle and her team put in so much diligent and responsible work, I haven’t even touched all of the resources they have put together. Rachelle is a tireless advocate for the music therapy profession and professionals. Thanks, MT Insider!”

Amy Standridge, MM, MT-BC

Libby Norris

“Thanks for your help! It is encouraging to feel like I’m on the right track with business/professional standards. Because I am the only MT that I work with, and I have been developing the first MT program at the organization I work for, and it is my first job as a professional, it often can feel like I’m just making things up. I know that I have a quality education and that I have the resources to learn anything I don’t already know, but often time does not allow for copious amounts of reading/learning when things need to get done ASAP!”

Libby Norris, MT-BC
Senior Sing-Along

JoAnn Jordan

When I get stuck or need advice for my senior programs, I turn to Rachelle Morgan. When I need guidance or advice in eldercare, Rachelle is who I call. Her care, concern and extensive experiences shine through.

JoAnn Jordan, MT-BC
Music Sparks

Kirsten Wells

“MT Insider has helped me establish my role as a true Music Therapist in my facility…taking the music therapy position in my facility from more of an ‘activities position’ to a respected facility-wide position in which I provide services to residents who need and can benefit from music therapy. The best thing in my music therapy practice now is that every resident receiving music therapy has goals and interventions on their care plan! MT Insider also provides me with music therapy supervision when I need guidance or assurance in my skills. Thanks, Rachelle!”

Kirsten Wells, MT-BC

Alysha Suley

I came for the community, and stayed for the incredible value of the plethora of resources Rachelle offers. It seems like no matter how many documents I click through and download, there’s always more to discover and more I can use!”

Alysha Suley, MM, MT-BC

Leslie Meadows

“Rachelle’s course was extremely well organized and appropriate for both new MT’s and seasoned professionals. I have had my own business for more than 10 years, so knew some of the things Rachelle covered, but there was also a lot of rich material I had never thought about. Her presentation style and examples to go with each point really aid in the understanding of how each contact with a potential customer could go.”

Leslie Meadows, MA, MT-BC
Con Brio Music Services LLC

Ashley Lundquist

“My dream is to work with the elderly using music therapy. MT Insider has helped me learn so much about music therapy with elderly clients.”

Ashley Lundquist, MT-BC
Healing Melodies Music Therapy

Jennifer Pinson

“Rachelle is a leader in the music therapy community.  She is not only an excellent resource for business owners, and MT’s working in eldercare, but for anyone wanting to strengthen communications, musical skills, and receive support in their professional career.  One of my favorite resources Rachelle offers is her monthly office hours.  This is 1:1 time to receive support and guidance from Rachelle.  The learning is limitless and she can help any therapist grow.  MT Insider is a great resource and one you should not miss out on!”

Jennifer Pinson, MT-BC - Dynamic Music Services

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Services for Music Therapists

Get support through private coaching or supervision, or through one of our online programs designed specifically for MTs.

Get the support you need in areas such as…

  • Personalized professional coaching and supervision,
  • Training videos related to eldercare,
  • Clinical supervision during office hours,
  • A supportive community of your peers,
  • Local support (Kansas City area),
  • Business help with things like marketing samples, contract templates, coaching and loads more!
Soundscaping Source Music Therapy

Click to expand and explore each option below to get details and find the best fit for your needs and business.

Not sure what you may need? Why not schedule a free Strategy Session with Rachelle? 

Soundscaping Source About Rachelle MorganWe’re committed to providing the support you need to succeed, which is why we have created multiple options for your various needs. We also recognize these options can be…confusing.

We understand and are happy to help you determine which programs or coaching/supervision options are the right fit by learning more about your unique needs during a Free Strategy Session.

How a Free Strategy Session works:
  • Click the button below to sign up for a Free Strategy Session.

    NOTE: You must be a credentialed music therapist or within three months of finishing your internship for a Strategy Session.
  • You'll schedule your call, using the link we’ll send you after receiving your submission.
  • During your call, we’ll talk about your professional goals, business development goals, and if private practice is part of your plan. She will help you get clear on some of the next steps for your work/biz, and if it makes sense, she'll recommend one of our coaching or support options.
  • Then, the ball is in your court. (Or the guitar is in your band?) You decide whether to continue working with us, through Private Consultation/Supervision or one of our other programs created just for music therapists.
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