What Elvis Can Teach Eldercare Professionals

What Elvis Can Teach Eldercare Professionals | SoundscapingSource.com

It’s a well-known story in certain circles. A poor white boy from Tupelo, Mississippi moves to Memphis with his family. As a teenager, he learns to love music – gospel, blues, country – and even without formal musical training of any sort, he decides that his future is in music. He goes to Sun Studio…

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Song Spotlight: “Smile”

Smile - Song Spotlight | SoundscapingSource.com

Mood: Melancholy, Warm Theme: Smiles, Looking to the Future, Dealing with Difficulties Tempo: Moderate Genre: Ballad First, a few statistics. According to the CDC, approximately 20% of people age 55 and older experience some type of mental health concern. Depression is the most common mental health problem among older adults. Depression causes emotional distress, of…

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