Song Spotlight: Reminiscing

Scattered pile of travel photographs. Label reads "soft rock."
  • Mood: Reflective, Happy
  • Themes: Reminiscing, Through the Years
  • Tempo: Moderate
  • Genre/Style: Soft Rock 

Engaging in positive reminiscence can give opportunities to share stories and create space to share legacies. Humorous memories and meaningful stories can also bring a smile to everyone’s face involved. Our song spotlight encapsulates the feelings that come from looking back at precious moments in life.

“Reminiscing” was written by Graeham Goble. The song was inspired by his love for black and white movies and, as referenced in the song, Cole Porter’s and Glen Miller’s music. The music reflects some of the romantic elements that were found in the music and films of the 1950s, although it was written in the 1970s. The song was performed by the Australian Band: Little River Band. This is a song that captures the feeling of looking back and reminiscing on love in the early stages, of dates, dancing, and of the meaningful songs that bring those memories back to life. Reminiscing on positive memories can bring joy to our lives and allows us to share our stories with others.

Here are some of the lyrics:

That’s the way it began, we were hand in hand 

Glenn Miller’s Band was better than before 

We yelled and screamed for more 

And the Porter tunes (Night and Day) 

Made us dance across the room 

It ended all too soon 

And on the way back home I promised you’d never be alone


Hurry, don’t be late, I can hardly wait 

I said to myself when we’re old 

We’ll go dancing in the dark 

Walking through the park and reminiscing

This is a great song to use in a 1:1 setting or group and would go well with a collection of songs about reminiscing or a through the years theme. It can be used as a transition into group discussion, an opportunity for musical engagement, movement and more. 

Try This:

Theme: This song would fit well into a collection of songs about reminiscing or a through the years theme.  Other complementary songs may include “September,” “Where You Lead,” and “Those Were the Days

Encourage the group to reminisce on the things, events, or people that have brought them joy. Questions to get the conversation started: “What are some of the most joyful moments in your life?” “What was your favorite place you have gone to?” 

(Note: if your reminisce on relationships take into consideration the backgrounds and histories of the individuals in your group. Some questions may bring up painful memories.)

Movement: Try out seated dance moves or simply swaying along to this romantic tune. 

Add instruments: like shakers or body percussion like tapping toes and clapping hands.


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