Social Isolation: How Music Therapy Helps

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As we age, it’s very common for us to become more isolated. When we’re healthy, we can get out to the coffee shop for the drink, or church for a weekly service, or the rec center to exercise with friends. These opportunities can become fewer and fewer when our bodies do not have as much strength as they used to, or when our friends and family have died or moved away.

However, isolation is a problem of its own. It feels miserable, of course. Isolation can even lead to earlier death.

So what can we do? Music therapy is one way to help us feel less isolated. Music therapists engage in music with clients in various ways so that clients can feel less isolated. Music is all about connection, making something beautiful like music with another person in the moment can be healing, powerful, and meaningful.

By engaging in music we can feel less alone. We can even connect with the world around us and the people and events that we remember through music.

What musical activities help you feel more connected to other people? Leave a comment below, and we’ll build some community here.

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