Easy Songwriting Activity: “Winter Wishlist”

Glass ball reminiscent of a snow globe with what looks like frost in the bottom, and a reflection of the sun in the top left corner. Words read: Show Me Hope Missouri - Winter Wishlist

Looking for something new and fun to do during these bleak winter months? Want a break from the heaviness all around us from the pandemic and political unrest?

Trying out some songwriting can be a fun and creative way to discover your friends’ and family’s favorite winter activities while also acknowledging some of the things that you’ve done differently this year because of the pandemic.

Try this activity in person within your household or over a virtual meeting application. This also works well for senior living communities, group homes, and school classes.

Here’s your recipe for easy songwriting success:

  1. Brainstorm a list of your favorite winter activities. Do you like skiing or sipping hot chocolate? Lighting candles or listening to music at home? This gets everyone telling stories, reminiscing, and sharing why they are their favorite things. 
  2. Make a list of those things you’ve done differently this year because of the pandemic or other changes in your family or community. Maybe you’re learning online or working from home. Maybe you’re meeting over Zoom instead of gathering at grandma’s house. Here’s where we honor our adaptability and resilience in the face of extreme circumstances.
  3. Fill in the songwriting template with your ideas. Make sure everyone has at least one idea included.
  4. Sing your song with the backing track. Feel free to adjust your lyrics to fit better with the musical framework. You can also change the line, “then we’ll have happy holidays” if you’re now past the holidays. Maybe, “then we’ll enjoy our [month]” filling in a different winter month for each verse?
  5. BONUS: If you’re feeling really brave, record yourselves singing your new song and share with your loved ones online.

Despite the pandemic and any other upheaval in our lives, we can still choose creative expression as a way to cope. Enjoy your songwriting activity!

P. S. Need some ideas for what to write? Check out the community-composed version of “Winter Wishlist,” written by participants at the Jingle Jam.


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