We all deserve meaningful music experiences, and we don't have to accept loneliness, depression, and decline during COVID-19.

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Our music therapy sessions are for folks with:
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Other physical and cognitive limitations
  • Other mental health concerns

Why consider telehealth music therapy for your loved one:

  • They will enjoy rich, engaging music experiences, matched to their energy and interest level.
  • They experience non-musical benefits as well, including:
    • A decrease in pain, anxiety, and confusion
    • Connection with the world, despite isolation or loneliness they may be experiencing
    • Access to old memories and the opportunity to tell favorite stories
    • Increased focus and attention
  • Our board-certified music therapists know how to tailor music experiences to meet your loved one’s interests and needs
  • Because you don't have to accept loneliness, boredom, depression, or decline during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Because we all deserve music!

Carey, Daughter

“For many families, no matter how others around are trying to get back to normal, their own normal is going to look quite different for a very long time, whether that’s the loss of in-person visits in nursing homes, outpatient therapies, or things like day services.

My family connected with telehealth services through Soundscaping Source. They have experience with conditions like Parkinson’s, and typically have done in-person sessions in homes or nursing homes, but the change to telehealth has been SO helpful for our family, and has been another touchpoint for interaction with my parents in this new reality.

For others who may be missing their routines, their services, and juggle health challenges, I really recommend this type of option.

Carey, daughter of teletherapy client

Kimberly Frankenfield

“Music therapy is able to touch a place of remembering, comfort and joy that few other modalities access. It is invaluable support for enhancing quality of life for patients.”

Kimberly Frankenfield, LMT - Massage therapist
Ascend Hospice

Amy Goodman-Long

“I have known patients who have lost most of their ability to communicate. By using music therapy they are offered an opportunity for connection and to express their emotions. During end of life this can be an invaluable tool for closure and reducing anxiety.”

Amy Goodman-Long, LBSW - Social worker
Ascend Hospice


“This was great for the older crowd – remembering old memories and combining songs with personal stories. My grandma was relaxed and in really good spirits.”

Adrienne, Granddaughter of a memory care resident

How it works:

  • 1 Curious about how this would work for your loved one? Request a free phone consultation by clicking here to schedule or contacting us. We’ll talk about your loved one’s interests and needs, any technology questions, and set up your initial sample session.
  • 2 Don't need to chat first? You may also simply schedule your new client session by clicking here. You'll receive a link by email to click at the time of the session.
  • 3 Prior to the sample session, you fill out an intake survey, to give us some health and musical background information to prepare for the session.
  • 4 We will have our first music therapy session with your loved one online, complete with a variety of live music experiences. We'll also complete a music therapy assessment and decide together on the frequency for future sessions.
  • 5 BONUS: If you wish, you can also join our telehealth sessions from wherever you are. Just let us know!
Soundscaping Source Music Therapy - Bring music to the folks you care for |


  • Phone consultation: Free! Click here to schedule.
  • Initial music therapy session (50 minutes): $65
  • 50-minute teletherapy music therapy sessions: $65 per session
  • 30-minute teletherapy music therapy sessions: $35 per session

Technology requirements:

All you need is an internet-connected device (computer, tablet or smartphone.)

If you can click a link in an email, you can access your teletherapy session.

We want to make things EASY, and we don't want technology to get in the way of your music therapy. Contact us with any questions, and we'll walk you through the tech stuff, at no extra charge.

Want telehealth music therapy for your loved one?

See Music Therapy in Action

Wonder what music therapy is all about? Check out our favorite videos to get a good picture, in several eldercare situations. (You might want a tissue!)