How To Support Our Mission

We are determined first and foremost to serve our community during the coronavirus crisis. For that reason, we have been offering online resources, seminars, and other support for music therapists and caregiving professionals.

If you appreciate what we're doing, we have multiple ways for you to express your support in return.

Pay what you can:

If you've benefitted from our online resources, roundtables, or seminars, please pay what you can by clicking the link below.

Make a donation:

If you simply appreciate the work that we are doing for older adults, click below to make a donation.

We will use these funds to provide online movement and music groups for older adults who are isolated at home.

Write a review:

Your reviews on Facebook and Google go a long way in helping us reach new clients. Click to give us a review on Facebook or Google.

Thank you!

We couldn't do this without your support. Onward! With music!