Why People With Parkinson’s Disease Should SING

As music therapists, we at Soundscaping Source make music all the time with people who have diagnoses and limitations of various kinds. I always find it sad when people think they can’t be musical because of a diagnosis, and I find it delightful when they discover they can. So I was particularly delighted to receive…

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Can People With Parkinson’s Disease Sing?

Can People With Parkinson’s Disease Sing? | SoundscapingSource.com

Not too long ago, superstar singer Linda Ronstadt told the world that she has Parkinson’s disease. Because of this, she said, “I can’t sing at all…I can’t sing a note.” Along with a world full of music lovers, I am very sorry to hear of Ronstadt’s health struggles. I can only imagine how difficult it…

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7 Tips for Choosing Music to Support Movement/Exercise

If you read my last post, you now know why music is such a great support for movement and exercise. Now here are some tips for how to choose the best music for movement and exercise. I’ll address two facets of movement to music: rhythmic and expressive. These aren’t really two opposite ideas; they are…

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