10 Strategies for Using Music for Reminiscence

Reflecting on one’s past is a vital task of living for older adults and people approaching the end of life. When it comes to supporting reminiscence with your care recipient, music can be an especially helpful tool. (P.S. For more strategies for facilitating reminiscence, check out this post.) Songs provide discussion material that is endlessly…

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Song Spotlight: “How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm?”

Down On The Farm - Song Spotlight | SoundscapingSource.com

Mood: Lighthearted, Goofy Themes: Country life vs. City life, Returning from War Tempo: Upbeat Genre/style: 1920s popular song Something you find out about songs is that if you ponder them long enough and share them with enough people, multiple layers of meaning begin to emerge. Those layers may be deliberate on the part of the…

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Song Spotlight: “Swingin’ in a Hammock”

Swingin' in a Hammock - Song Spotlight | SoundscapingSource.com

Mood: Relaxed Themes: Relaxation, Romance, Vacation, Leisure Tempo: Slow rocking feel to moderate Genre/style: 1930s popular Okay, I know that summer is pretty much over for school-aged kids, but it’s still pretty warm here in Kansas City, and summer won’t officially end for over a month. That means I feel justified sharing a song that I…

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