Song Spotlight: “Yakety Sax”

Yakety Sax - Song Spotlight |

Mood: Humorous, Farcical Theme: Instrumental (no lyrics) Tempo: Upbeat Genre/Style: Pop-Jazz Instrumental Here’s a purely instrumental song that goes a long a way in creating a certain energy in a group: “Yakety Sax.” Written by James Q. “Spider” Rich and Homer “Boots” Randolph III, this song was popularized by Boots Randolph in his 1963 recording. Randolph plays the saxophone, and…

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Tools of the Trade: Kokiriko

I have a lot of instruments in my collection now, all of which I share with music therapy clients. Most of them fall into two large categories: instruments you hit (drum, woodblock, marimba) and instruments you shake (maraca, egg shaker, tambourine). That means the instruments that don’t fit into these categories bring an extra element…

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Tools of the Trade: Ocean Drum

I am always looking for musical materials and methods that will capture the attention of my older adult clients with moderate to late stage dementia. Because of where they are in the disease process, these folks often have a harder time engaging in singing, sharing in discussion, and instrument playing. Some clients also have more…

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