Music Therapists Do It Differently: In-The-Moment Adaptations

In this series, we are exploring how music therapists do live music differently than other musicians, even though it may not be easy to see. This is part two of a ten-part series. You can find an introduction and links to all ten posts here. #2. In-The-Moment Adaptations No matter what kind of musical interaction a…

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Aesthetic Experiences at the End of Life

Lavender field

What is the value of aesthetic experience near the end of life? This question has been on my mind as I’ve been thinking about a character from Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved. This is the story of ex-slave Sethe trying to live a new, free life while haunted by the ugliness of the past, not the…

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Nurturing New Relationships Through Art

Nurturing New Relationships Through Art |

When you meet a new client, you have two main tasks: Gather information. Establish rapport. You probably already have a protocol or procedure to follow for the first step. These are the assessments or admission paperwork that you already complete, and that allows you to gather basic information about your client and the needs that…

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