Top 10 Rules To Break In Music Therapy Groups In Senior Living

As diligent students, we music therapists graduate from our programs and become board-certified with certain ideas of how things should work in music therapy sessions. But of course, music therapists work with people, and with human beings, there is an exception to every rule. As I’ve matured as a clinician, I have gained flexibility in…

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10 Strategies for Using Music for Reminiscence

Reflecting on one’s past is a vital task of living for older adults and people approaching the end of life. When it comes to supporting reminiscence with your care recipient, music can be an especially helpful tool. (P.S. For more strategies for facilitating reminiscence, check out this post.) Songs provide discussion material that is endlessly…

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Can People With Parkinson’s Disease Sing?

Can People With Parkinson’s Disease Sing? |

Not too long ago, superstar singer Linda Ronstadt told the world that she has Parkinson’s disease. Because of this, she said, “I can’t sing at all…I can’t sing a note.” Along with a world full of music lovers, I am very sorry to hear of Ronstadt’s health struggles. I can only imagine how difficult it…

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Four Reasons To Hire An Entertainer Instead Of A Music Therapist

I’m a music therapist. That means I travel all over the Kansas City area, visiting nursing homes and assisted living communities. I’m always hauling my guitar and a bunch of other assorted musical gear. When you pass by one of the group sessions I’m leading, you’ll probably see a bunch of folks smiling, singing, and…

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Song Spotlight: “Stand By Your Man”

Stand By Your Man - Song Spotlight |

Mood: Weary, Angry (maybe) Themes: Loyalty, Forgiveness, Difficulties in Life Tempo: Moderate Genre/style: Country Ballad It’s funny how you can hear a certain song fifty times, and then hear it (or sing it) again in a different context, and it takes on a whole new meaning. “Stand By Your Man” was co-written by Tammy Wynette…

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