Making Grief and Memorial Playlists

Lit candle in the foreground with sparkling lights on a dark background

Grief and mourning are two different experiences that accompany loss or change. While grief is a personal, internal experience, mourning involves the things we do to recognize a loss or express our grief. What is grief? Grief is the collection of thoughts and feelings we have internally when we experience loss. These feelings vary over…

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You Can’t Cheat Death

As the old saying goes, only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Today is Tax Day in the U.S., so, well, there you go. As for death, though, one North Carolina hospital is telling its potential customers that they can “cheat death.” Besides the inevitable billboards and flyers that go along with…

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Integrating Music into Grief Rituals

Integrating Music into Grief Rituals |

Even though formal music therapy has become an important part of hospice care only in the last couple of decades, music has been an important part of celebrating life for centuries. At the music therapy conference I attended earlier this month, music therapist Dr. Natalie Wlodarczyk from Drury University spoke about the role of ritual…

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