Song Spotlight: “Sindhi-Bhairavi”

Photo of a traditional Indian instrument, the sitar. Label reads "Indian classical music."

Mood: Calm building to excitement Themes: Indian Classical Music, World Famous Musicians Tempo: medium to fast Genre/Style: Indian classical music Although you may not always hear them, many diverse styles of music have lasted for generations and are a part of rich cultural traditions. Classical music and traditional music from all over the world play…

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Song Spotlight: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

A flock of black birds rising up, with a sunset over the sea in the background. Label reads "show tune/jazz"

Mood: Slow, Positive Themes: 60s songs, Feeling good Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Showtune, Jazz In life, we can easily identify when things are going wrong and are challenging for us and others. Those prolonged periods of turmoil can leave us feeling drained and down. When going through those tough times, it can be hard to take…

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Song Spotlight: “I Can See Clearly Now”

Sunshine and wispy clouds over a calm ocean. Label reads "reggae and soul"

Mood: Slow, Hopeful, Optimistic Themes: 60s songs, Showtunes Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Reggae and Soul Written in 1972, Johnny Nash’s song “I Can See Clearly Now” shows a person beginning to see clearly the problems that they are facing while also looking towards the future.   Nash collaborated with Bob Marley early in his career. He took…

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Song Spotlight: “Buon Natale”

Close up of colored Christmas lights and tree branches with snow on top. Label reads "holiday."

Mood: Cheerful, Celebratory Themes: Holidays, Winter Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Holiday Nat King Cole is well known for his popular hits like “L-O-V-E” and “Unforgettable,” but his music has also become quite the holiday musical staple, with his holiday tunes reemerging on the Billboard charts year after year. It’s a helpful reminder that even though things…

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Song Spotlight: “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Raindrops on a window. Outside are shadows. Label reads "60s soul"

Mood: Slow, pensive, hopeful Themes: Civil rights, song of change Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Soul, R&B Sam Cooke is considered to be the King of Soul. The subjects of his songs range from light to serious, and he knew the power that music has to address difficult subjects and create a sense of unity within a community.  Sam Cooke…

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Song Spotlight: “Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti (Humorous Duet For Two Cats)”

Fluffy brown and white kitty with a white butterfly perched on its nose

Mood: Humorous, Light-Hearted Themes: Funny Songs, Songs about Animals Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Classical We often associate western classical music with seriousness and exactness. Many composers capture the complex emotions that we experience and transform them into great works that stand the test of time. So, it may be easy to forget that composers have also…

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Song Spotlight: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Mood: Relaxed, Caring, Supportive Themes: Life Experience, Emotions, Companions and Friends Tempo: Relaxed Genre/Style: Folk Many songs feature grief and troubled times. Some songs explore how it feels to be alone, sad, and isolated. Other songs feature words of encouragement and themes of supporting others through what they are experiencing. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is…

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Song Spotlight: Both Sides, Now

Mood: Relaxed, Reflective Themes: Life Experience, Opposites Tempo: Relaxed Genre/Style: Folk Rock In times of change, we may see things from a different perspective. Written by Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides, Now” follows the singer’s perspective from their young and impressionable years through their adult life. Through the journey of this song, their experience of clouds,…

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Song Spotlight: “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'”

  Mood: Relaxed, Happy Themes: 70s Country, Happiness Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: 1970s Country   Mornings can set the mood for an entire day. Some folks appear to have a spring in their step and a smile on their face as soon as they wake up, while for others, it can be quite challenging even to peel…

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Song Spotlight: “Over The Rainbow”

Rainbow piercing through a cloud with a dark background. Words read "1940s popular song"

Mood: wistful, dreamy Themes: Rain, Rainbows Tempo: slow Genre/Style: 1940 popular standard The days are getting longer again and with the peak winter month past, we eagerly await the spring rains and the rainbows gracefully accompany them. In this spotlight we explore “Over the Rainbow,” one of Judy Garland’s top songs. Try out some of…

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