Song Spotlight: “Here Comes The Sun”

Sun rising over the mountain tops with sparse clouds overhead. Label reads "folk-pop"

Mood: Supportive, Optimistic Themes: Weather, Moods Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Folk-Pop The Beatles are well known across generations and are known for their rock and folk-pop songs. George Harrison wrote the lyrics and melody to this song after experiencing a variety of stress from work, personal trials, and difficult times with the band. On a whim,…

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Song Spotlight: “King of the Road”

Railroad tracks reaching into the distance.

Mood: Relaxed Themes: Transportation, Country songs Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Country Roger Miller was said to be the Class Clown of Country Music. With his humorous novelty songs, he used his voice as an instrument, with rhythmic vocalizations and catchy melodies. His songs often speak to comedic situations and light hearted or true to life topics…

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Song Spotlight: “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)”

Four hands with dark brown skin embracing. Label reads "soul"

Mood: Supportive Themes: Love, Community Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Soul Diana Ross is known for her solo work and her time spent with the iconic singing group, The Supremes. The featured song of our spotlight,”Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” was the first track she released at the start of her solo career. Diana Ross even…

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Song Spotlight: “Love Is”

Hand-drawn heart in black pen, with the pen that made the mark showing at the bottom of the image. Label reads "R&B"

Mood: Supportive Themes: Love, Community Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Funk/Soul Bill Withers is known for his Grammy-winning hits including “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Lean On Me,” and “Just the Two of Us.” However, his songs of support and connection to those around us do not stop there. “Love Is” explores a variety of things that love can…

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Song Spotlight: “Thank You For The Music”

Mood: Reflective, Happy Themes: Thankfulness, Music Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: Pop When examining our gratitude, we often try to think of the larger things in life or the people who we are thankful for. In addition to the large things, there are so many hidden gems – the things that bring you joy in your day…

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Song Spotlight: “Proud Mary”

Mood: Optimistic  Themes: Jobs, Changes in Life, and Rock and Roll Tempo: Slow start to Up-beat Genre/Style: R&B/Soul Before her stunning comeback solo career, Tina Turner was known for the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Starting in the late 1950s, the group made step after step towards fame, recording many songs and touring widely, including…

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Song Spotlight: “I’ve Been Everywhere”

Blue vintage automobile with luggage on the top rack. Label reads "country"

Mood: Cheerful  Themes: Travel Tempo: Medium Genre/Style: Country Here’s a great song to celebrate travel, at any time of year.  This song is also a great start to dreaming up all of the places you could possibly go.  In 1959, an Australian songwriter named Geoff Mack wrote this tune to highlight many Australian towns. It…

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Song Spotlight: “All I Have To Do Is Dream”

Duplicate photos of two young white men with close cropped hair on the side, long on top. Label reads "Everly Brothers" and "1950s Jangle Pop"

Mood: Contemplative, Sweet Themes: Love, Dreaming Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Jangle Pop, 1950s Having beautiful experiences to dream about or something special to look forward to can boost our outlook on current life circumstances. Daydreaming about things we enjoy can give us a much needed rest from attending to all of the things that can be…

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Song Spotlight: “Till There Was You”

Advertisement for The Music Man, featuring a cartoon of a man playing a trumpet with him arm around a woman dressed in green. Label reads "musicals"

Mood: Peaceful, Love Themes: Musicals, Love Songs Tempo: Slow Genre/Style: Musicals Musicals come in all shapes and sizes. Musicals combine the elements of acting, singing songs that detail the story, spoken dialogue, and dancing. The stories convey a wide range of emotions and are sometimes adapted from book and plays. Musicals can be based around…

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Song Spotlight: “I Could Have Danced All Night”

Three couples dancing closely. Label reads "musical."

Mood: Wistful, Excited Themes: Musicals, Marni Nixon Tempo: Up-Beat Genre/Style: Musical When watching musicals and films, a lot happens behind the scenes to create movie magic. Some of these tricks are scene edits and cuts, creating mystical words, and even changing whose voice is heard in the film. Enter Marni Nixon, a professional singer whose…

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