Song Spotlight: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Mood: Relaxed, Caring, Supportive Themes: Life Experience, Emotions, Companions and Friends Tempo: Relaxed Genre/Style: Folk Many songs feature grief and troubled times. Some songs explore how it feels to be alone, sad, and isolated. Other songs feature words of encouragement and themes of supporting others through what they are experiencing. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is…

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Song Spotlight: Both Sides, Now

Mood: Relaxed, Reflective Themes: Life Experience, Opposites Tempo: Relaxed Genre/Style: Folk Rock In times of change, we may see things from a different perspective. Written by Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides, Now” follows the singer’s perspective from their young and impressionable years through their adult life. Through the journey of this song, their experience of clouds,…

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Song Spotlight: “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'”

  Mood: Relaxed, Happy Themes: 70s Country, Happiness Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: 1970s Country   Mornings can set the mood for an entire day. Some folks appear to have a spring in their step and a smile on their face as soon as they wake up, while for others, it can be quite challenging even to peel…

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Song Spotlight: “Over The Rainbow”

Rainbow piercing through a cloud with a dark background. Words read "1940s popular song"

Mood: wistful, dreamy Themes: Rain, Rainbows Tempo: slow Genre/Style: 1940 popular standard The days are getting longer again and with the peak winter month past, we eagerly await the spring rains and the rainbows gracefully accompany them. In this spotlight we explore “Over the Rainbow,” one of Judy Garland’s top songs. Try out some of…

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Song Spotlight: “Let’s Start The New Year Right”

Blue fireworks on a night sky. Label reads Holiday/Show Tune

  Mood: Hopeful  Themes: New Year, Celebration Tempo: Relaxed, Slow Genre/Style: Holiday/Show Tune Another year has zipped by and it is time to usher in the New Year. The time of resolutions and reflection has arrived, and whether you are a fan of setting a goal for the new year, this song beautifully states an…

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Song Spotlight: “White Christmas”

Mood: Hopeful  Themes: Snow, Holidays Tempo: Relaxed, Slow Genre/Style: Holiday Popular Tune Written by Irving Berlin, the song “White Christmas” was first recorded in 1942. The song includes a wistful reminiscence about a traditional, snowy, holiday setting. Most famously, Bing Crosby sang this song in the film, “White Christmas,” which premiered in 1954. In the…

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Song Spotlight: “Tiny Bubbles”

Mood: Light Themes: Enjoying the Little things, Hawaii Tempo: Moderate Genre/Style: 60s popular standard In this spotlight we explore “Tiny Bubbles,” as performed by Don Ho, a sweet tune that arrived on the music scene in the 60s that has since become a beloved standard. Try out some of the ideas for ways to use and share…

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Song Spotlight: “Blue Monday”

Mood: Hopeful, Reluctant Themes: Days of the Week, Rhythm & Blues Tempo: Walking speed, relaxed Genre/Style: Rhythm & Blues Sometimes just making it through the week is a big achievement. The week’s end may bring with it a chance to get some well deserved rest. In this spotlight we explore “Blue Monday,” as performed by…

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Song Spotlight: “Wind Beneath My Wings”

Song Spotlight: Wind Beneath My Wings

Mood: Sincere Themes: Support, Gratitude  Tempo: Slow, relaxed Genre/Style: Pop During a season of change, Bette Midler’s iconic song, “Wind Beneath My Wings” can be a strong musical container for processing the changes in life, while leading to a discussion of ways you can receive and offer support. Originally written in 1982 by Jeff Silbar…

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Song Spotlight: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Song spotlight for The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  Mood: Calm, relaxed Themes: Animals Tempo: Slow, relaxed Genre/Style: Doo-Wop, 1960s Popular song What do you think of the nighttime sounds where you live? Especially in warmer weather, we can hear sounds of all sorts of wild night time critters, while some are fast asleep. In this song spotlight, we will explore the music…

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