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We’re here to help you and the people you care for live better lives through music.

How We Help Eldercare Organizations:


Want help starting a new iPod program? Struggling to revamp or reenergize the volunteer program? Need outside help training your caregivers to use music effectively with clients?

No problem!

I will listen to the problems you are having and work with your staff to find creative solutions.

Apply for your complimentary Eldercare Music Strategy Session.


I would love to speak with your group about creative caregiving. Here are some of the presentations available for your group:

  • Music Therapy for Older Adults: How it Works in Senior Living, Long-Term Care, and Hospice
  • Why Does Music Work? What We Know About Music Therapy as an Evidence-Based Practice
  • Music Soothes the Soul: How to Choose and Use Music for Relaxation
  • Your Voice as the Tool for Better Emotional and Physical Health
  • How to Sing, Shake, and Shimmy Your Way Into a Better Life
  • Music in Caregiving 101
  • Music for Self-Care: Because You’re Worth It

These dynamic presentations ALWAYS include a lot of music-making fun and plenty of time for questions from participants.

Contact me to get on the schedule.


These are available in the Kansas City area as contracted services for senior living communities, hospices and community organizations as well as private in-home music therapy visits for seniors and caregivers.

Read more on the Soundscape Music Therapy site.

How We Help Music Therapists:


MT Insider is the affordable way for music therapists to access the resources and support they need to get more clients and move closer to their ideal eldercare practice.

Read all the details here.


Ready to build your music therapy biz? Learn how to identify potential contract opportunities, build your network, make contact, sell your programs, and set up for success. Sure, we didn’t learn this in school, but you’ll be rockin’ your biz soon enough.

Join the next group cohort here.


Are you a music therapist in eldercare or hospice in need of individualized support? Because I love getting into the nitty gritty with folks in a one-to-one conversation, I provide one-to-one coaching/supervision via Skype or phone at a special package rate.

Professional Supervision/Coaching is $197 for one session, or $497 for five sessions. Payment plans are available.

Contact us to schedule your first session