Expand Your Role As An Expert in Eldercare

You want your clients to have the best music experiences possible… even when you aren’t in the room

The rapid evolution of technology has radically changed the musical tools available to eldercare professionals.

But for all the iPods and apps and streaming services available, many of these tools are not being used effectively, and the residents we serve still don’t have access to the meaningful music experiences they deserve. That means we as music therapists have a golden opportunity to serve as consultants and mentors in senior living and other eldercare settings.

Not sure about this shifting role? In this free webinar, we’ll discuss the wide range of musical tools available to eldercare professionals now – Music & Memory, SingFit, MusicFirst, and more – and the role we music therapists can play in helping older adults and eldercare professionals use these tools for meaningful music experiences when we aren’t around.

Photo of Rachelle NormanYour Presenter

Your presenter is me – Rachelle Morgan, MA, MT-BC. I’ve been working in eldercare through my own music therapy company for the last 14+ years. In recent years, I’ve spent more and more time teaching and mentoring eldercare professionals who wish to use the incredible musical tools we now have available.

I’ve made it my business to learn about all the musical possibilities available for the older adults we serve. I’d love to give you a shortcut to understanding the options out there so you can keep doing your best work and letting your expertise shine. And that’s why I’m offering this free webinar:

How to Expand Your Expert Role as a Music Therapist in Eldercare

Won’t you join us in this focused exploration of indirect music therapy in eldercare?

Specifically, here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The basic features and weaknesses of three main music programs for seniors
    • Personalized music (such as Music & Memory)
    • Environmental/activity music (such as MusicFirst)
    • Active music-making tools (such as SingFit)
  • Why stepping up to your role as a consultant benefits your clients AND the music therapy profession
  • My top two tips for structuring your role as a consultant

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Friday, November 30 – 1-2 pm Central Time (2 pm EST/11 am PST)