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Irish Music Bingo – download the zip file, including instructions, bingo cards, and instrument photos. Click here for a YouTube playlist with all of the necessary recordings. (Or, you may use your own voice!)

Patriotic Musical Jeopardy – download the zip file, including instructions, printable value and category cards, and music files in mp3 format.

Three Musical Games to Play Tomorrow – three easy-to-implement games, using materials you already have on hand

Song Spotlight Sets:

You can open these .doc files on Microsoft Word – click on the links in each document to download or listen to the featured songs.

Birds – download the zip file, including fun facts about birds, photos, and suggested songs for each bird featured.

Cowboy Classics – Songs from when western and country were different genres of music. Great for folks who enjoyed John Wayne movies.

First Recordings – Find out about the first recordings released by some of our most famous singers – Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams, and more!

Graduation – Songs to prompt discussions about graduation from high school and college.

***NEW*** Summer Sounds – Songs to spark discussions about various summertime experiences. Includes suggested applications for each song, including movement, instrument playing, and art-making.


Creative Care Assessment – Learn more about your clients with dementia from your best resource – their family caregivers. Use this to learn what you need to plan meaningful creative experiences. Download the assessment form to print and use with caregivers, and the assessment guide to help you use this form effectively.

Monthly Calls:

June 2013 – Download the mp3.

Courses and How-To Videos:

iTunes 101 – Access the full course content

Soundscaping 101 – All nine posts, in one place