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Services for Music Therapists

Be the best music therapist you can be, with the support you deserve.

Being a music therapist can feel very lonely sometimes – even more so if you’re the only MT at your place of work, or you’re striking out on your own in private practice, or you’re growing a team in your music therapy business.

We love our fellow music therapists here at Soundscaping Source. And we know that supporting you means that exponentially more people will be able to benefit from music therapy than we can serve in our own little corner of the world.

We can support you through private coaching or supervision, or through one of our online programs designed for MTs.

Private coaching/supervision:

  • Most flexibility – Happens on your schedule
  • We meet by phone call or video conference – your choice
  • Structured according to your needs and interests
  • One-time sessions and five-session packages available

Online programs:

  • Most cost effective
  • Added benefit of group support
  • Access to MT Insider membership area and laser coaching during office hours – available in every program
  • Added business support through Rock That Biz courses

Ready to move forward? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll get you set up.

Not sure what you want yet?

Because we’re committed to providing the support you need to succeed in your work, we have created multiple options for you. And we also recognize these options can be… confusing.

Want my personal help determining which programs or coaching/supervision options are the right fit for you? Request your free strategy session.

How It Works:

  • Fill out the form below to apply for your free strategy session. To qualify, you must be a credentialed music therapist or within three months of finishing your internship.
  • Schedule your call, using the link we’ll send you after accepting your application.
  • During the call, we’ll talk about your professional goals, and business development goals, if private practice is part of your plan. I’ll help you get clear on some next steps for your work/biz, and if it makes sense, I’ll recommend one of our coaching/support options.
  • Then, the ball is in your court. (The guitar is in your band?) You decide whether to continue working with me, through private consultation/supervision or one of our programs for music therapists.

Ready for your strategy session? Fill out the form below: