You Deserve Joy, Relaxation, Connection, and FUN

Music can work wonders for all of us, including the older adults we care for who have dementia, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and other hardships that can come with aging.

As a caregiver, you probably want to bring music to the folks you care for, to make their days (and yours!) easier and more joyful.

But who has the time to learn more about music when your life as a caregiver or eldercare professional is already so busy?

This is why we’ve created our video series for older adults and the people who care for them:

Finding Joy and Release Through Music

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About Rachelle:

I’ve spent the last 14+ years of my career as a music therapist working with older adults and
caregivers in a variety of settings. I have my masters degree in music therapy and now serve on the music therapy faculty at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods college. I mentor and supervise other music therapists in their work with older adults, and I train eldercare professionals on how to use music in their work.

Through all of this, I’ve seen how much joy music can bring to the folks I work with, and how music can allow them to connect with old memories, and release their worries and fear and pain. I’ve also known many caregivers and professionals who’ve wanted to bring music into their caregiving routines, but have struggled to find the time and the right tools.

I want you to have the confidence and the resources you need to connect with the people you care for, through music. I know this stuff like the back of my hand, and I’m going to make it easy on you to find joy, release, and connection through music.