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How To: Creative Caregiver Award

Hey there, colleague!

Thinking about starting a Creative Caregiver Award program in your company?

Here are the details on how to do it:

1. Pick a name.

I chose “Creative Caregiver Award” because the term fits for the folks we work with in eldercare, but something else might make better sense for you.

2. Define loose criteria.

For now, we’re choosing professionals working for the organizations where we do music therapy. We’ve seen them in action making music with elders, and we know they understand that their work is a) valuable and b) not “music therapy.”

3. Create a certificate.

This is the concrete gift we give the award recipient. We simply found a template online, made it our own, with our branding colors and logo, and printed it off the office computer.

4. Notify the recipient’s boss.

You want the recipient’s manager to know they’re getting this award so they can be there when you present it and offer their congratulations, too.

5. Present the award publicly.

There’s no reason to keep this award secret! You only need a couple of minutes and an audience. We’ve presented awards before music therapy group sessions (where the residents have been thrilled to participate) and in hospice IDT meetings.

6. Take pictures.

Don’t forget this part! Make sure you get permission from the award recipient and anyone else included in the photo.

7. Post on social media and your website.

This stuff is social media gold. We post the photos and a 2-3 sentence description on our social media feeds. We also put a longer description in our monthly email newsletter and this page on our website. The companies we work with have then shared this information with their audiences.

That’s it! Pretty easy, right?

We LOVE giving this award, especially knowing how big of an impact it has for the caregivers themselves.

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