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Halloween Music to Support Exercise

I love pairing music with exercise. It helps people do exercises in rhythm, and research has demonstrated that just listening to music while doing exercise actually decreases your perception of how hard you are working. This means you can exercise longer, and get the physical benefits that we all need, especially as we age. You can simply listen to music while you’re on the treadmill, or you can pair music at an appropriate tempo with a prescribed set of exercises, like those you might get from a physical therapist or as part of a restorative care program.

For a fun Halloween-themed twist, pair some spooky music with your exercise routine. Two of my favorites are “Monster Mash” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” They’re both at a good tempo for exercise with a steady beat, and they definitely have a Halloween flavor.

Listen to these songs on YouTube:
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Monster Mash


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