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Have you ever been curious to know what goes on behind the scenes in a successful music therapy private practice?

Ever wonder whether that chick really has it all together, or whether there’s more to the story?

And don’t you really just want to know whether you are the only one struggling to build your business?

I have been in your shoes…Confused woman scratching her head

I’ve been working on my biz for more than a decade, and all this time, I’ve been paying attention to other people growing their businesses, too. Sometimes, it seems like everyone else has got the answers to the test, and I forgot to bring my pencil. Here are some of the unhelpful thoughts I’ve had while watching other folks succeed:

  • Why is it so easy for them?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What the heck is wrong with ME?
  • I’ll never be able to do what they’re doing.
  • I’m clearly not cut out for this stuff.

These kinds of thoughts led to a downward spiral of self-doubt, resulting in me holding back on what I have to offer the world and, truthfully, not doing the hard work that makes a business grow.

It wasn’t until another coach invited me behind the scenes of her business that I discovered I did have it in me to succeed.

I found great encouragement in seeing how the proverbial sausage was made. By sharing the good, bad, and ugly during one short period of her business growth, she helped me to really start believing two things:

  • I’m not the only one facing biz-building challenges.
  • I have the skills and the wherewithal to overcome them, too.

My coach’s vulnerability was a profound gift to me.

I want to offer the same gift to you.

Last summer was the first time I offered a backstage glimpse into the workings of my local music therapy practice. I heard from the VIPs who came backstage that they learned a ton, and I heard requests for another chance to come backstage.

Last year, I had just hired a new team member. This year, we continue with a big marketing push in our local market in Kansas City, expanding our presence as the premiere full-service music therapy agency for older adults and eldercare organizations.

Come with me as I keep generating new leads in senior living and hospice, stepping up my networking game, pitching our music therapy and consultation services to potential clients, and following up until the contracts are signed.

I know it’s not all going to be pretty. I anticipate some uncomfortable feelings as I do some tasks that don’t come as naturally to me as doing music therapy with seniors. But I am excited for the possibilities ahead, and I’m eager to see where this will go.

Want a backstage view?YOUR(2)

This summer, you have a unique opportunity to come behind the scenes in a growing music therapy business to see how we’re making things happen.

Come with me in real time as I work our marketing plan and bring in new business for Soundscaping Source.

Here’s what you get:

  • 6 weekly reports – every Friday for six weeks, you’ll receive an email from me detailing the local marketing and sales work I’ve done that week and my new goals for the following week. Learn my tactics and apply to your biz.
  • 6 mp3 files – your weekly reports also include audio files including my reflections about that week. Listen and learn on the go!
  • Wrap-up webinar – on Friday, August 19, we’ll have a live wrap up webinar, so you can ask me anything you want about the processes I’ve been using and about how to make marketing and sales tactics work in your own business. One hour of coaching with me is almost $200, so this webinar alone is worth the price of admission.
  • BONUS – 2015 Retrospective – get all 6 emails from last year’s backstage pass as well. You’ll get to see what was happening right after I hired my first staff member, and see what a difference a year makes!

For just $49 over 45 days, you get to come backstage and see it all.

 Watch what I do, then apply it to your own business.

Here’s what one of last year’s VIPs had to say:

“It is great to have the insights of someone else going through the business design process as a music therapist. It affirmed that we all have highs and lows in the process.”

~ JoAnn Jordan, MT-BC – Owner, Music Sparks

I can’t offer you a one-size-fits-all marketing solution, but I do believe there’s a lot to be learned by watching someone else. I’m putting myself (my own ego, really) on the line so that you can see how business really works, at least for one music therapist/business owner.

Most business owners won’t let you see the ugly stuff. Most people put on a professional mask in public, no matter what struggles they’re dealing with. Then, once they’ve succeeded, they only show you the highlights.

This makes it too easy for you to conclude they’ve got something you don’t and then just to give up.

What’s it worth to see the real thing in real time? What’s that encouragement worth to your business? If you can get just one new client based on the information and inspiration you get from this backstage view, you’d make up your investment many times over.


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Should you invest in a Backstage Pass?

YES, you definitely need to grab your Backstage Pass if:

  • You struggle to identify the actions you need to take now to be successful over the long haul.
  • You have a hard time seeing the big picture of business growth.
  • You want to see some effective marketing tactics in action.
  • You’re terrified to make a mistake, because you’re not sure you’ll recover. (I can almost guarantee mistakes will be made.)
  • You’re just curious how we make it all work here at Soundscaping Source.

This program is not for you if:

  • You want a blueprint or step-by-step process to follow. (Truth: Marketing is messy.)
  • You already have all the answers to marketing in eldercare. (Please, tell me your secrets!)

(P.S. Although my business focuses on senior living and hospice, many of the lessons learned will apply to any music therapy biz.)




Let’s Pull Back The Curtain

Rachelle NormanI want you to know that I’m not perfect, and that I don’t have all the answers. I also want you to be able to acknowledge your own uncertainties and find the courage to do the hard work anyway. That’s the gift my coach gave to me a while back, and it’s the gift I want to share with you, too.

It’s time to get real. Come backstage and see just how you can succeed, too.

See you backstage!

~ Rachelle

P. S. This opportunity goes away on FRIDAY! Grab your backstage pass now, before they’re gone.