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Expert Interview with Melissa Galt

Why do we do what we do?

Why are we spending our time teaching hospice and home care organizations how to start palliative music programs?

Find out more about Rachelle and our unique approach to bringing meaningful music experiences to older adults in this episode of Expert Interviews with Melissa Galt:



Here are some of the highlights in this interview:

0:59 My inspiration for founding Soundscaping Source

3:34 How to be many places at once (or, why I teach this stuff)

5:59 How I got into music in the first place

7:05 Why music works so well in end-of-life care (Melissa nails it!)

7:40 An amazing story about how music worked for one client with dementia, even after she could no longer speak English

11:44 Another amazing story about the power of music for a man with dementia and his wife

15:00 The ideal organization to work with us to start a Palliative Music Program (Does your organization fit the profile?)

Can you hear the passion behind what we do?