Creative Caregiver Award

We at Soundscaping Source want to see music integrated into all parts of day-to-day life, not just during music therapy sessions. Sharing music throughout the day means sharing life with caregivers and other older adults, resulting in closer relationships that are built on more than the mechanics of physical care and shared space

Caregivers are essential in this picture, and sometimes bringing music to older adults means stepping outside of their comfort zone or the normal expectations for their job. We wish to recognize and honor those caregivers who are doing excellent work in sharing music with the people they care for.

Award recipients are nominated by members of the Soundscaping Source team, with one award granted per quarter.

Thank you to the previous recipients of the Creative Caregiver Award!

Karen Clark – Prairie Elder Homes (Spring 2016)

Karen Clark 2016 Caregiver Award

Karen Clark, caregiver at Prairie Elder Home (with Jesse Heilman)

We met Karen at Prairie Elder Homes in Overland Park, where she is a private caregiver for one resident. She is not only present for many of our music therapy groups, but is consistently helping residents engage in music, by helping them to play an instrument or dance, or by encouraging them to sing. She is full of energy and goes above and beyond what’s expected, for all of the residents in the group. One resident even asked us if he could dedicate a song to his friend, Karen. We appreciate your musicality, care & enthusiasm, Karen!

Susan Miller – Ascend Hospice (Winter 2016)

Susan Miller 2016 Caregiver Award

Susan Miller, Chaplain for Ascend Hospice (with Rachelle Norman)

Susan is a chaplain for Ascend Hospice. When Rachelle first met Susan, she said that she likes to sing but doesn’t have a good voice. Thank goodness that doesn’t stop her! Susan frequently sings for her hospice patients and has recently begun leading a hymn sing as part of a Bible study she leads in an area senior living community. Susan has sung with Rachelle on shared visits with patients, and you know what? Her voice is beautiful.

Maple Clayborn – Galway Homes (Fall 2015)

Maple Clayborn 2015 Caregiver Award

Maple Clayborn, caregiver for the Galway Homes

Maple works at the Galway Homes in Leawood, and she is pictured here with the fried chicken she was making up for lunch, in between singing and dancing with the residents in this home. How’s that for talent?

We’re always glad to see Maple when we arrive for a music therapy group, because we know she will be encouraging everyone to enjoy the music together.