How to bring together your staff and resources to provide the music program your customers deserve

We provide consultation services to help you and your caregivers utilize music effectively with your clients in activity, social work, nursing, and restorative care programs.

How can you use consultation?

  • Activity directors can learn how to get the most out of music programs like SingFit and Music & Memory, troubleshoot music activity programming, learn how to use song spotlights for meaningful one-to-one visits.
  • Nursing staff can learn how to use music to help residents who become agitated or combative with routine care.
  • Restorative care staff can learn how to use music to make exercise groups more efficient.
  • Social work staff can learn how music can help with reaching residents who come from a different cultural background or who speak another language.
  • Hospice chaplains can learn new ways to use music to address patients’ spiritual needs.
  • Hospice volunteer coordinators can learn how to use Soundscaping materials to help their volunteers connect with hospice patients.
  • Home care agencies can learn how to use Soundscaping materials to help their caregivers make meaningful connections with their care recipients.

Sample Consultation Projects

  • Developing and implementing an iPod program
  • Troubleshooting group activity planning and implementation
  • Inservice training on using music for nursing care
  • Hospice volunteer training: how to use music effectively in end-of-life care

How It Works:

  • Fill out the form below to request a free phone consultation. During that time, we will determine the appropriateness of an assessment call or one-time staff training for your organization’s unique needs.
  • Schedule your assessment call or staff training. This is when other members of your organization become involved in this process of improving your clients’ access to meaningful music experiences.
  • Get your evaluation report. For an assessment call, you receive recommendations for the next steps to accomplish your organization’s music programming goals. For a staff training, you receive a report on participants’ final evaluations and recommendations for future steps.
  • Consider future projects. From here, we tailor your next consultation project according to the needs uncovered during your assessment call or staff training.

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