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Do you want the expertise of a music therapist but work with a limited budget?

I provide consultation services to help you and your caregivers utilize music effectively with your clients in activity, social work, nursing, and restorative care programs.

How can you use consultation?

  • Activity directors can troubleshoot music activity programming and learn how to use song spotlights for meaningful one-to-one visits
  • Nursing staff can learn how to use music to help residents who become agitated or combative with routine care.
  • Restorative care staff can learn how to use music to make exercise groups more efficient.
  • Social work staff can learn how music can help with reaching residents who come from a different cultural background or who speak another language.
  • Hospice chaplains can learn new ways to use music to address patients’ spiritual needs.
  • Hospice volunteer coordinators can learn how to use Soundscaping materials to help their volunteers connect with hospice patients.
  • Home care agencies can learn how to use Soundscaping materials to help their caregivers make meaningful connections with their care recipients.

Sample Consultation Projects

  • Developing and implementing an iPod program
  • Troubleshooting group activity planning and implementation
  • Inservice training on using music for nursing care
  • Hospice volunteer training: how to use music effectively in end-of-life care

Consultation services start at $75 per hour.

***NEW: Soundscaping Source is coming! Find out more here.***