Are You In A Summer Slump?

Free Biz Challenge for Music TherapistsSummertime can be a challenging time for music therapy business owners.

Maybe business has dipped because your clients are taking vacations or breaks from their school year routine.

Or maybe your phone has stopped ringing and your referral sources have gotten quiet, because they’re busy with summer fun, too.

If so, you are in a summer slump.

This slump may have left you be feeling discouraged about the health of your business. (Will my schedule EVER be full?!?)

Or you may be feeling the need to work ON your business so you’ll be ready for an influx of referrals in the fall.

If so, our brand-new FREE 5-Day online challenge is for you! Now is the perfect time to check in with your private practice and take some easy steps to move your biz forward, even during the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Check out your invitation from Mary and Rachelle:

So, are you ready?

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