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Welcome, Caregivers and Older Adults!


Hello, fellow human! Whether you are caring for family or friends, or you’re just getting older like the rest of us, this page is for you.

We can’t wait to help you and the people you care for have more meaningful music experiences together. Check out our services and free resources below.

Here’s how we help:

In-Home Music Therapy

(Kansas City/Topeka area only)
We travel to clients’ homes for private music therapy sessions. These sessions involve making music together – singing, moving, or playing instruments – to address the client’s needs and interests. Learn more here.

Music Lessons for Adults

(Kansas City/Topeka area only)
Always wanted to play a piano or guitar but never had time? Maybe that time is now!
We travel to your home for private music lessons that are specially tailored for adults. The goal is to have fun and learn something new, not to win a scholarship or a competition. Learn more here.

Caregiver Consultation

Especially for folks outside of our local area (Kansas City/Topeka), this is a perfect opportunity to access our expertise with a private video call with one of our music therapists. We can dig deeper into your personal caregiving situation and give you next steps specific to your situation for how to share music with your loved one in meaningful ways. Learn more here.

Free Resources

Better Sleep Video Series – sign up for our five-part video series teaching you how to get better sleep with music. Excellent for caregivers and, well, anyone who wants to sleep better at night

Song Spotlights – use these to have a quick and easy 5-minute music experience with someone you care for

See Music Therapy in Action

Wonder what music therapy is all about? Check out our favorite videos to get a good picture, in several eldercare situations. (You might want a tissue!)

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