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Welcome, Caregivers and Professionals!

Hello, fellow caregiver! Whether you work professionally in eldercare or you’re caring for family or friends, this page is for you.

We can’t wait to help you and the people you care for have more meaningful music experiences together. Check out our services and free resources below.

Here’s how we help:

Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Our founder, Rachelle Norman, presents frequently on topics related to music and eldercare, at the regional and national level.

Her keynote presentations weave together music and storytelling as she relates the power of music in healthy aging and eldercare.

During workshops, participants get in on the act, with plenty of hands-on experience making music and learning music-based activities they can bring back to their communities.

Consultation on Music Programs

Not sure whether to opt for Music & Memory or SingFit or a music therapist?

Want to know how best to use those iPads and boxes of CDs?

Having trouble getting buy in from your staff or getting your program off the ground?

We’re here to help. Click here for more information.

Free Resources

Music and Eldercare Videos – bite-sized videos on topics related music, aging, and eldercare

Better Sleep Video Series – sign up for our five-part video series teaching you how to get better sleep with music. Excellent for caregivers and, well, anyone who wants to sleep better at night

Top Blog Posts on Music and Dementia – we’ve compiled a few of our most popular posts, with tips you can use

Top Blog Posts on Music for Healthy Aging – a few of our favorite posts on music for relaxing, moving, and exploring our emotional lives

Song Spotlights – use these to have a quick and easy 5-minute music experience with someone you care for

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