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Discover The Benefits Of Music With Elders

Who doesn’t love music?

If you’ve ever seen an elderly woman singing her heart out, or a man in an nursing home doing his best Elvis impersonation, or a little girl playing a maraca for her grandmother in a hospital bed, then you know music brings joy and an increased quality of life to older adults and their caregivers.

But what if music could do so much more than bring a smile? What if music could help your organization thrive while bringing about real therapeutic outcomes for the people you serve?

At Soundscaping Source, we can make this happen for you.

We can help your organization thrive by helping you:

  • Attract new referral sources whose heads are turned by the unique services you provide
  • Decrease staff burnout and improve retention as your caregivers deepen their relationships and share moments of joy with your patients
  • Improve staff efficiency as they begin using music to make caregiving tasks easier
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals from families and friends thrilled to see the quality of care you provide
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors, marking your organization as an innovative community leader in eldercare

We can bring your patients/residents the benefits of:

  • Shared joy and companionship in music-making
  • Increased socialization with peers
  • Stronger relationships with family members and other loved ones
  • Improved relationships with caregivers
  • Decreased use of anti-psychotic medication
  • Improved mood, including a decrease in depression
  • Decreased anxiety and agitation
  • Increased physical activity
  • Improved sleep

This Is All Possible When You Have A Customized Music Program

Soundscaping Source is the leading resource on building music programs that are custom-designed to meet the needs of eldercare organizations and the people they serve.

Our founder, Rachelle Norman, is a masters-level, board-certified music therapist with over a decade of experience providing music therapy services in hospice, home care, and senior living communities. She works hand in hand with eldercare agencies to design and implement the music programs that best meet their needs.

Your customized music program may involve Rachelle and our team:

  • Walking you step-by-step through implementing and marketing your music program
  • Designing a program that fits your budget, with a variety of options to meet your need
  • Providing music therapy at bedside for patients on hospice care to facilitate life review and provide emotional support
  • Facilitating music therapy groups that engage all participants in music-making, no matter what their current ability levels are
  • Arriving at your facility with a guitar and hundreds of songs at the ready to sing and engage residents in singing, dancing, and playing instruments
  • Working with clients and their families to write and record an original song or create a music-based slideshow they can pass on to their loved ones
  • Consulting with your staff to implement your Music and Memory iPod program more effectively
  • Teaching your staff how to use recorded music on iPod playlists to engage patients in moving to music and using songs as a vehicle for reminiscence
  • Training your nursing staff and home care aides on how to use recorded music to make ADLs easier for patients and caregivers